Illegal aliens and the 2nd Amend., Notre Dame and more

New ICE policy tells Agents not to detain illegal-alien parents

Sunday, August 25, 2013, 4:28 PM EDT

What utter BS - Please see the comments - very telling that shoving this down our throats is not working

Civil rights movement and US immigration history connected

McCain: Immigration bill could give foreign workers leg up on Americans
Sebelius: Pass Immigration Bill to Boost Obamacare Enrollment

Muchas gracias! Notre Dame will now accept, heavily subsidize illegal immigrants

By Eric Owens   2:12 PM 08/24/2013
The University of Notre has announced that it will now admit illegal immigrants and give them generous amounts of money from school coffers to ease the burden of the school’s annual cost for tuition, room and board of over $57,000.

Officials at the famous Catholic school in Indiana say the new illegal-immigrant friendly policy will “strengthen” the student body, reports The Washington Times.

As a Pro Second Amendment individual .. normally I would be glad to read about responsible pro firearm membership
but this article gives me a lot to be concerned about….. 11-20 million people who spit on our rule of law and continue to
do so suddenly legally able to obtain a firearm because of Amnesty. And those who are currently trying to strip the Second Amendment
rights of the law abiding gun owners will not be able to stop it without infuriating the illegal aliens they pander to
More on this on The Ruthie Report
Dear patriot,

I released the following statement Friday in response to an attempt by the Obama Justice Department to invalidate voter ID laws in Texas:

“This is a clear attempt by a lawless White House to aid and abet voter fraud.  Whether it is blocking the prosecution of voter intimidation in Philadelphia, illegally running guns to Mexican drug lords or assisting voter fraud in Texas Barack Obama has decided the rule of law takes a back seat to ‘Rules for Radicals.’

“A Marist poll conducted July 25 shows 83 percent of minority voters support voter ID laws. Obama’s actions what you see in Venezuela, a president falsely claiming to on behalf of people in order to cover up an unpopular political play.

“I encourage the federal courts to do their constitutional duty and thwart this latest attempt to abuse presidential power to pervert free and clean elections.  The only people with an interest in preventing voter ID are people engaged in voter fraud.”


Congressman Steve Stockman

C and I for week of Aug 26th

Last week on The Ruthie Report - I warned everyone that this was going to be the next lawless move in illegal alien invasion……….. all those previously deported (several many times) will demand to be able to return if amnesty is passed and - unfortunately I was right - Ruthie
Media Ignore Americans Killed by Illegal Alien ‘DREAMers’
Enforcement Declining Despite High Rates of Alien Crime
By Jessica Vaughan, August 23, 2013
 Here’s a thought for you………………………..
 Just wonder who will be the first Representative of We The People to suggest ….that seeing we recently (whether true or not) had increased terror chatter and that now have Countries that are not friends of the United States of America threatening retaliation if actions are taken in Syria that we

Arizona ranchers know U.S. Mexico border is not the same

August 27, 2013 by ADI News Services 16 Comments
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as part of the Obama administration’s push for immigration reform, has been touting the security of the southern border. Prior to leaving DHS, former Secretary Napolitano claimed that the border has never been more secure.
Napolitano told ABC News, “This is not the same border that was.” And Arizonans agree. It is not the same border it used to be.
Arizona ranchers are seeing one key difference:  the border crossers are no longer seeking jobs. They don’t have to. They have jobs with the cartels.
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! note immigration status not given - I will continue to share whether they inform us or not…. if this puke is not an illegal alien - they should tell us
What is happening to our Country
Illegal alien charged with rape of teen girl in Texas

On Friday, police in Harlingen arrested Luis Alberto Sosa Reyes, 27, after he reportedly forced a… Continue
New Obama directive warns ICE not to arrest or deport illegal immigrant parents

“The bothersome reality,” GOP strategist Ed Rogers wrote in last Friday’s… Continue
Illegal alien pleads guilty in deadly DUI crash in Va.

On Friday, Santos Gabriel-Tomas, 30, pleaded guilty to aggravated DUI manslaughter, DUI second… Continue
Senator Ted Cruz, GOP leadership fails, & Vet PR Firms

The RINO Consultant Class is eager to win the Hispanic vote with amnesty; which is a lie, within… Continue
Illegal alien charged with raping 90-year-old woman in Ohio

On Friday, police in Dayton arrested Jean Paul Mpanurwa, 26, after he reportedly attacked a 90… Continue

Sue Krentz this week on The Ruthie Report

Please join Ruthie this week August 29th, 2013 8 pm CST with
We will discuss the murder of her husband Robert Krentz
How life has changed since that tragic day
Briefly discuss she herself the victim of a hit and run
What is currently happening on the southern border
and her thoughts of where we are headed
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Reporter: Sheryl Kornman
DOUGLAS, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - The wife of slain Douglas rancher Robert Krentz and another individual were struck Saturday night outside a church in Douglas by a vehicle driven by a man police said is suspected of driving drunk.
Douglas police said she and a friend were crossing the street on front of St. Luke’s Catholic Church at about 6 p.m. when they were hit.

Sue Krentz and her friend were taken to a Tucson hospital in a medical helicopter. Their condition could not be determined Sunday morning by KGUN9. Medical information is private, by federal law.

The driver did not stop. Police found him a short time later and identified him as Ramon Parra Saucedo, 74. 

Saucedo’s bail was set at $5,000 at an initial appearance Sunday morning. He is being held at the Santa Cruz County jail on charges of DUI, endangerment and aggravated assault.

The murder of Robert Krentz has not been solved.

Robert Krentz

Border Rancher Rob Krentz And Dog Found Shot To Death
After Aiding Illegal Alien

By Digger of Diggers Realm Blog
March 28, 2010

The body of Rancher Rob Krentz and his dog were found shot to death on his ranch. Krentz, who always was good-natured and willing to help people, had called in that he had found an illegal alien at one of his watering holes and was assisting him. That was the last that was heard from him before his body was discovered.
Rob Krentz was a lifelong rancher in Southeastern Arizona, 12 miles north of the U.S./Mexico border and 25 miles northeast of the city of Douglas. He was the father of three children. The ranch has been in his family for three generations, more than 100 years - since 1907, and sits on about 35,000 acres with 1,000 head of cattle. Running a ranch is hard work and with the influx of illegal aliens increasing, Rob was at ground zero of the stampede that is destroying the fragile desert landscape.
The Krentz family has received numerous threats in the past by illegal aliens trespassing on their property. In 2002, the family was physically threatened when one of them stumbled upon a group of 39 illegal aliens. They were told to get off the land and they made threats. The Border Patrol did catch the illegal aliens after they were called, but we all know that illegal aliens, if deported, come right back across.
In 1999, Krentz and his wife Susan did an interview with PBS when they came around asking about the issue of illegal immigration and its impacts on the local ranchers.
“We’ve been broken into,” Susan Krentz told PBS.
“One time,” Rob said “You know, we’ve personally been broke in once. And they took about $700 worth of stuff. And you know, if they come in and ask for water, I’ll still give them water. I - you know, that’s just my nature.”
In 2003, Congressman Tom Tancredo mentioned the challenges of the border ranchers, and in particular highlighted the the Krentz family’s plight.
“In the month of November, 2002, in the Tucson Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol … where the Krentz ranch is located, the Border Patrol apprehended 23,000 border crossers,” Tancredo wrote. “many people would suggest that the [apprehension] ratio is just about maybe one in five, and that is a very conservative estimate. … I think it is closer to one in ten”.
That means in that sector alone for one month, 8 years ago, the most conservative estimate is that 115,000 illegal aliens crossed the border in that one chunk of land in the Tucson sector. All of the illegals are unknown.
Tancredo notes that the Krentz’s did mention to him that they called the Border Patrol. In one instance illegal aliens had butchered one of his calves.
In February [2002] … a calf was butchered by illegal alien trespassers. Two men responsible were caught. They were tried. They were found guilty. They served a total of 51 days in jail. They were also ordered to pay $200 in restitution to the Krentz ranch. The Krentz ranch has not seen a cent of that money; and, of course, our best guess is they will not because these people have been released. They either came back into the population up here in the U.S.A. or returned to Mexico.
Tancredo goes into the cases of deliberate sabotage of the Krentz ranch’s water supply and the other impacts on the Krentz’s by illegal aliens. You can read more, where Tancredo dubs the Krentzs American Homeland Heroes
6 years after the PBS interview, in 2005, Krentz did an interview with KOLD as the number of illegal aliens exploded.
“We’re being over-run, and it’s costing us lots and lots of money,” Krentz said.
“We figured it up over the last five years and it’s cost us over $8 million,” Krentz said. “Cattle don’t like people walking through, so they move. So, cattle weight loss, destruction of fences, breaking our pipelines, they break them in two and (the pipes) run for two or three days before we find it.”
Krentz went on to say that when he was a boy he actually knew the few illegal aliens that came through looking for work, he said it’s nothing like that now as hundreds of unknown illegals stream across his land.
Rob Krentz is just one of the many people who live and work along our southern border. A tough, hard working man who was trying to make a living and doing what he loved. Those who support illegal aliens will talk about “human rights”, but where were the “human rights” when it came to Rob Krentz? Where was the government to protect our border and prevent this from happening, though they’ve been told time and time again? They didn’t protect his property rights, nor his civil rights.
This country failed Robert Krentz, his family and all who work for him. As they have failed countless families all across this country. The number of deaths is estimated to be from 15-25 deaths caused by illegal aliens each day in this country.
It is not known yet whether Krentz was specifically targeted or whether it was just one of the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who come across our border every year who have actual criminal records, but in the end does it matter? A hard working man was killed on his own land. And all for just trying to help out someone in need.

And that is simply outrageous.

Rest in peace Robert Krentz, the country will surely miss a great and kind man like you.


Laura Wilkerson an emotional and disturbing The Ruthie Report

emotional, disturbing and heart wrenching .. The Ruthie Report this week
Please join Ruthie this week on The Ruthie Report Aug 22nd, 2013 8-10 pm CST
with Guest: Laura Wilkerson
 First and foremost … I would personally like to acknowledge and thank Laura for her continued courage.
The tragic and preventable murder of her son Joshua and the circumstances at which his life was taken ….is horrific !!! - please click the link below and read for yourself.
It is these murders…. the lost of life….. the family and friends left behind to deal with the aftermath that Washington refuses to discuss…… Laura and I will….. if only our elected leaders would…… if only our laws were enforced………….
Please note: 8/29 my guest will be Sue Krentz - another horrific murder …that of her husband Robert Krentz
(Caution - the details of Joshua’s murder enclosed are disturbing…. truly disturbing!)
Laura Breaks down at Rally Speech
Mother Whose Son Murdered by DREAMer Illegal Alien Breaks Down in Rally Speech
“It was as if a bomb went off in my family,” she said. ”And we will forever be picking the pieces up. Forever. We’ll never be the same. Ever. To have to stand up here and think about this Gang of Eight and it makes no sense to me. Why aren’t they mad that they allowed someone to just walk across a border and kill an American citizen? I want you to be mad about it more than I want you to be sad for me.”
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Amnesty Lies, Poison Creek, Pro English and more

Amnesty Lies
This is the “Amnesty Double Talk” that politicians are trying to feed to us. Take a look at the list below or click on the link provided. Seven amnesty’s since and including the 1986 Amnesty….. The “Roll Back Amnesty” the “Should Have Been Included Amnesty” ….. the Temporary Rolling Amnesty” etc.
We will no longer listen to the empty promises and falsehoods from our elected officials - in 1986 we were promised one last amnesty - the proof that our politicians take us for fools …is clearly shown - and even if border security was being taken seriously by these very same individuals - it is apparent that just passing another amnesty to cover those not originally included is the agenda …. NO MORE ANMESTIES!!!!! Enforce our current immigration laws and secure the border - Ruthie
1. Immigration and Reform Control Act (IRCA), 1986: A blanket amnesty for some 2.7 million illegal aliens 2. Section 245(i) Amnesty, 1994: A temporary rolling amnesty for 578,000 illegal aliens 3. Section 245(i) Extension Amnesty, 1997: An extension of the rolling amnesty created in 1994 4. Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act (NACARA) Amnesty, 1997: An amnesty for close to one million illegal aliens from Central America 5. Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act Amnesty (HRIFA), 1998: An amnesty for 125,000 illegal aliens from Haiti 6. Late Amnesty, 2000: An amnesty for some illegal aliens who claim they should have been amnestied under the 1986 IRCA amnesty, an estimated 400,000 illegal aliens 7. LIFE Act Amnesty, 2000: A reinstatement of the rolling Section 245(i) amnesty, an estimated 900,000 illegal aliens
Illegal pot growing poisons creek
Although we know and have learned not to trust want politicians say and watch what they do instead
We can hope and hold their feet to such claims
House chairman rejects ‘special’ citizenship path Associated Press VERONA, Va. (AP) ­ The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee on Monday rejected the idea of giving immigrants in the U.S. illegally a special pathway to citizenship, and said the House must chart its own course on immigration even if it never results in a bill President Barack Obama can sign.

KNOXVILLE — Knox County Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones on Wednesday denounced “an inept administration” that has declined his proposal to train local officers on enforcing federal immigration laws.
Tell Congress: “We want official English, not Amnesty!”

Tell Congress to Push Official English, Not Amnesty!
August 21, 2013
*You are receiving this email because your Congressman still has not co-sponsored Official English legislation*

It’s expected that the U.S. House of Representatives will try to push through some form of immigration legislation when they return from the long August recess after Labor Day.  Your Congressmen need to hear from you not only at town hall meetings throughout the month of August, but they also need to hear from you in their offices on Capitol Hill!
As you know, the English language is decreasing in use throughout the United States.  The Census Bureau just released new statistics last week that showed that foreign language speaking in the U.S. has tripled over the past decade, with approximately 60 million residents reporting that they speak a language other than English at home.  This means that 60 million U.S. residents do not use English as their primary language.  
Don’t you think that Congress should be trying to reverse this Balkanization of the country instead of seeking to legalize millions of non-English speakers without any requirement for them to attain English proficiency?
The English Language Unity Act (H.R. 997) would make English the official language of the federal government.  It would also reduce taxpayer-funded translations to a limited number of excepted areas and restore the incentives for new immigrants to learn English and use it as their primary language.
Your Congressman has not yet signed on as a co-sponsor of the
official English bill in the U.S. House.
Urge your Rep. to co-sponsor the English Language Unity Act (H.R. 997) today! 

We cannot allow out-of-touch special interest groups, like the ACLU and La Raza, to control the narrative about English assimilation and immigration in Congress.  If the American people don’t speak out, these groups’ divisive half-truths and misinformation will be all that your Congressman hears.   Let’s not allow that to happen – Call your Congressman now!
Capitol Switchboard:
ProEnglish is a self-governing project of U.S., Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and the nation’s leading advocate of official English. We work through the courts and in the court of public opinion to defend English’s historic role as America’s common, unifying language, and to persuade lawmakers to adopt English as the official language at all levels of government. You can make a tax-deductible donation here.  

C and I for week Aug 19th


More than a dozen valley car washes were raided over the weekend — managers, not just workers, were the targets.
Federal agents served search-and-arrest warrants Saturday at 16 locations associated with Danny’s Family Car Wash and the company’s staffing service provider, HR Betty.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents rounded up more than 200 employees. Many did not have criminal backgrounds and were released. The workers still jailed were shackled and still in their uniforms when they went before a federal judge Monday afternoon.
Illegal alien charged with raping 90-year-old woman in Ohio
Light sentence for illegal alien who killed pregnant woman in Pa. DUI crash
Coming to the USA - where the women must take shifts to provide safety for the community because the government (corruption) will not? Just saying - Ruthie
Wake County grand jury indicts two teens in double murder case
Raleigh, N.C. — A Wake County grand jury on Tuesday indicted two teenagers facing first-degree murder and other charges in the shooting deaths eight months ago of a couple in their home near Garner.
Isrrael Vasquez and Jonathan Santillan were each indicted on two counts of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, first-degree burglary and conspiracy to commit burglary in the Jan. 5 shootings of Jose Samual Flores Mendoza and his wife, Maria Saravia Mendoza, both 34.
Authorities say the Mendozas were unintended victims in a gang dispute and that the target of the shooting had lived in their house, at 708 Colonial Drive, Raleigh, in 2011 prior to the couple moving there.
(CNN) — A suspected leader of Mexico’s Gulf Cartel has been arrested near the U.S. border, a Mexican official said Sunday.
Mario Armando Ramirez Trevino was captured Saturday in Reynosa, near Texas, said Eduardo Sanchez, the Mexican government’s security spokesman.
Ramirez, also known as X-20, was found with three guns, nine cell phones, and thousands of dollars and pesos in cash, the spokesman said.
From a Sister Patriot and I agree - you decide
criminal or not that those pushes for amnesty use their children in this fashion?

Sister Patriot says

I’m am shocked. I would never believe an illegal would use their
daughter to make a point.Rep. Scott DesJarlais holds tough on immigration despite 11-year-old’s plea.

It just so happens that Josie is the daughter of the organizing
director for the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition.

Credible Fear are you kidding me and more

Note: I will have much to say about this on The Ruthie Report this week
Below is info on a rush on our border and some misc news
 Our border security has been but now is even more of a laughing joke… Citizens coming to our southern border now want to follow the mockery Dream 9 and enter the US claiming Humanitarian asylum - claiming fear of drug cartels… ARE YOU KIDDING ME - one…. the drug Cartels are already here leaving Mexico changes nothing…. Second how does anyone know if it is the cartel members themselves entering - we have no idea…. so how many will use this lame excuse - be allowed to enter and then live free as a bird until some day a hearing is scheduled and the illegal alien is a no show…. Isn’t there anyone in Washington that cares more about our safety, security and sovereignty and our rule of law than votes - Ruthie
SENATOR SESSIONS STANDS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - please consider contacting him with words of THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Senator: Asylum request ‘abuses’ should put brakes on immigration bill
Accounts that U.S. border officials are facing a surge of Mexican immigrants claiming asylum by using a few key words prompted a top Republican senator to call for the pending immigration bill to be put on hold “until these abuses are ended.”
Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., one of the most vocal critics of the comprehensive immigration overhaul being pushed on Capitol Hill, said the surge in asylum requests “has exposed another grave flaw” in the implementation of federal immigration law.
EXCLUSIVE: A sudden influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico requesting asylum is overwhelming immigration agents in San Diego, forcing agencies to rent hotel rooms for some undocumented families and release others to cities around the U.S.
Documents obtained exclusively by Fox News show Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been paying for hotel rooms for dozens of recently arrived families to relieve overcrowding inside the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa, Calif., processing centers. Some ICE employees are working overtime and others have been asked to volunteer to work weekend shifts. “Duties include intake, placements, transports and release of family groups and unaccompanied minors,” according to a memo obtained by Fox News.

Read more:


Mexicans Coached on “Credible Fear” to Get Into U.S.


North Carolina governor signs extensive Voter ID law

By Aaron Blake, Published: August 12 at 2:35

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) on Monday signed into law one of the nation’s most wide-ranging Voter ID laws.
The move is likely to touch off a major court battle over voting rights, and the Justice Department is weighing a challenge to the new law, which is the first to pass since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down part of the Voting Rights Act. 

Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King stands by controversial comments about illegal immigrants

King, a staunch opponent of immigration reform, had said that ‘for everyone who is a valedictorian, there’s another hundred out there, they weigh 130 pounds and with calves the size of cantaloupes because they’re hauling 75 pounds of marijuana


C and I and additional misc news

Laura Wilkerson - Please hang in there!!!! There are millions of us that cannot do anything to bring Joshua back… but… we do support you and will never forget!!!
Illegal Immigrant Allowed to Remain in US Despite Arrests, Accused of Drunk Driving Death
New Details About Accused Murderer, Perez, Uncovered

No charges for US border agent who shot Mexican teenager

U.S. authorities will not bring charges against a Border Patrol agent in Arizona who shot dead a rock-throwing Mexican teenager two years ago because the fatal injury did not occur in the United States, the Justice Department have confirmed.

Going to learn English are they - which Washington would quit insulting our intelligence
The New Mexico Supreme Court is cautioning trial courts and lawyers that citizens who don’t speak English have the right to serve on juries. The court issued the admonition in a ruling that upholds an Albuquerque man’s convictions for murder and other crimes in the bludgeoning death of his girlfriend and a subsequent armed robbery and stabbing. Michael Samora’s appeal argued that his convictions should be reversed because a Bernalillo County judge excused a Spanish-speaking prospective juror who had trouble understanding English. The Supreme Court says it agrees with that argument but also says Samora’s defense needed to object during the trial but didn’t. The ruling issued Monday tells judges and lawyers that they must make reasonable efforts to protect the rights of non-English speaking citizens to serve on juries. -
Ruthie says…………….
Then Stop his tyranny - what good is having a Congress if Obama can change whatever he wants… Rubio - quit insulting our intelligence
Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio warned Tuesday that some on the Republican side of immigration reform could come up empty-handed if the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” plan fails.
In an appearance on WFLA’s “The Morning Show with Preston Scott” in Tallahassee, Fla., Rubio explained that President Barack Obama will be tempted to enact his own immigration reform measures by executive order if Congress does not pass an immigration bill. An Obama executive order would legalize 11 million undocumented immigrants, he said.

Read more:

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Supports Amnesty and Illegal Alien
Invasion over Americans…ts-satan-2164/
Many good questions for our Representatives/Lawmakers on Immigration
Questions for Lawmakers on Immigration

Clear and Present Danger on the Southern Border