Gangs in America Part II with Rusty Fleming on The Ruthie Report

Gangs in America Part II with Rusty Fleming on The Ruthie Report
Please join Ruthie - Thursday October 1st, 2015 at 9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 6 pm PST
LIVE:  Thursday evening
Rusty and Ruthie will continue their discussion on Gangs in America
This is Part Two.


We previously talked about the growth of gangs in the USA and the increased dangers.
Rusty will share his experience and tell us what he sees with the gang growth and increased violence
Ruthie will also ask him about the recent report regarding fracturing of Mexican Cartels and the increased
violence such as Kidnappings that seem to be associated.
Two links for review
1. Expert: Cartel Breakdowns Leading to More Cross-Border Kidnappings
2. The ever growing strength and increased dangers of gangs like MS-13 in Texas and across the nation,
due to our out of control illegal immigration - creating a dangerous and increased Nation Security risk.


Rusty’s Bio……………………….
Rusty Fleming is the Public Information Officer for the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office, Texas and an award winning
producer, director, author and consultant for 25 years, Rusty started his multi-media company to produce corporate industrial films, commercials and news segments.
Rusty is recognized by national media and law enforcement agencies as an expert on border security and the Mexican drug cartels.
In addition to producing news documentaries for several U.S. networks, he has produced multiple episodes of Gangland for The History Channel. Rusty has currently developed two documentary projects related to the drug cartels and other organized crime syndicates operating in Mexico and the U.S

News for Oct 1

National Day of Remembrance for the Victims Killed by Illegal Aliens
: When:  Sunday, 11-1-2015
:  Washington, DC & in your local communities


North Carolina Legislature Overwhelmingly Votes to BAN ‘Sanctuary Cities’ for Illegal Aliens

Hundreds of deported immigrants with mental disabilities may return to US


Democrat Introduces Bill To Provide Obamacare To Illegal Immigrants [VIDEO]


Temporary Visas Surge under Obama
Overstays account for much of illegal immigration,
yet visa numbers, approval rates have gone up


Mayor Hodges to Obama: Minneapolis will welcome Syrian refugees


Obama Civil Rights Chair Calling to Free Illegal Aliens was on MALDEF Board


Toys ‘R’ Us Brings Temporary Foreign Workers to U.S. to Move Jobs Overseas

Border Patrol medics added after immigrant rescues increase


Obama Administration Granted Asylum And Residency To 1,519 Foreigners With Terror Ties


Mexican police stop truck crammed with 150 migrants trying to make way to U.S.

New Generation Of Illegals Describe Themselves As ‘Undocumented And Unafraid’


Pregnant Teenager Deported Back To El Salvador After She Aged Out Of The Foster System


llegal Immigrant Accused of Gruesome Executions and Burning Corpses in Texas


Virginia governor won’t intercede in convicted serial killer’s execution


Woman Held for Ransom in Donna, 3 Arrested


One Woman Rips Off Food Stamps for 3.6 Million Dollars

E-Verify and the FL Proposed Amendment with Jack Oliver on The Ruthie Report

E-Verify and the FL Proposed Amendment with Jack Oliver on The Ruthie Report
Please join Ruthie - Thursday Sept. 24th, 2015 at 9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 6 pm PST
LIVE:  Thursday evening
Jack and Ruthie will discuss E-Verify and its success. They will also discuss the current ballot initiative
The proposed Amendment and Summary can be found at their website
This Amendment is an Employers’ Mandate to Verify the Employment Eligibility of all New Employees
Floridians For E-Verify Now
Facebook Quote and Link for Floridians For E-Verify Now

E-Verify is a shortcut to immigration law enforcement. Since our lawmakers refuse to enforce the laws, it is up to us to enact E-Verify in Florida and stop illegal alien hiring in our state.

Please visit our website to download the petition, and volunteer to help make E-Verify a reality in the Sunshine State.
From their page…………………
E-Verify is an Internet-based system that compares information from an employee’s Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to data from U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility.

Instant Verification of Employment Eligibility

E-Verify’s most impressive features are its speed and accuracy. It is the only free, fast, online service of its kind that verifies employees’ data against millions of government records and provides results within as little as three to five seconds. Read more at

Today, E-Verify is:

  • Used nationwide by more than 500,000 employers of all sizes
  • Used at more than 1.4 million hiring sites
  • Has handled 23,937505 cases
  • Joined by about 1,400 new participating companies every week
  • One of the federal government’s highest-rated services for customer satisfaction.

Mission Statement

by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

E-Verify is currently the best means available for employers to electronically verify the employment eligibility of their newly hired employees. E-Verify virtually eliminates Social Security mismatch letters, improves the accuracy of wage and tax reporting, protects jobs for authorized U.S. workers, and helps U.S. employers maintain a legal workforce.
Jack Oliver Bio:

Jack Oliver has been working to secure our borders and protect American jobs since joining Floridians for Immigration Enforcement (FLIMEN) in 2007. His focus is on securing our border by using E-Verify as a tool to stop “America’s Illegal Alien Job Magnet.”

Jack volunteers his time working as Legislative Director for Floridians for Immigration Enforcement, President of Floridians for E-Verify Now, President of Floridians for a Sustainable Population, State Advisor for the Federation for Immigration Reform, State Advisor for the Remembrance Project, and Southeast Advisor for the US Immigration Reform PAC.

News for Sept 24th

Trump Credited With ICE Agents Ability to Deport Illegal Aliens from L.A. Jails

KTVU Channel 2

TAKING A SWING: Some youngsters take a swing at a Donald Trump pinata over the weekend. It was all part of a “Stop Trump” rally in San Francisco’s Mission District. Demonstrators were concerned about Trump’s stance on immigration.

Watch highlights from last week’s GOP debate here:
September 21


From Fox & Friends
The month of August saw a surge of illegals crossing the border. In some regions along the southern border, the number of families crossing into the U.S. has risen 251% compared to last year (according to the government’s own figures)

On the screen while they spoke of the increased surge was a statement that read…….
Sure they are - Sure we believe this crap NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quit insulting our intelligence -
The question that needs to be answered by this White House is…………..
Why are you not stopping it???

U.S. Border Arrests of Children, Families Surge 52% in August
Nearly 10,000 unaccompanied minors and families were arrested; White House calls numbers ‘surprising uptick’


Obama Admin. Naturalizing 36,000 Immigrants In One Week


Huckabee: United States ‘Chumps’ for Not Securing Mexican Border


‘Stacking’ prompts Morristown man to sell his house
Morristown resident, Greg Bruen, has had enough.


Note: Didn’t see this in print and any of the liberal media sources - Ruthie

El Salvador’s Central Bank: Emigration to U.S. Causes Brain-Drain


California to Register Illegals to Vote


Heartbroken Mom Unleashes After Obama Gushes About “Bomb-Clock” Muslim but Does THIS to Her Hero Son


ICE San Antonio officers remove previously deported Guatemalan man who faces homicide charges in home country

Apologizes - Do You Believe IT??????????

Illegal immigrant arrested at follow-up hospital appointment


llegal Alien Arrested for Luring Woman into Apartment, Allegedly Raping Her


Illegal alien pleads guilty to rape in Ohio


Expert: Cartel Breakdowns Leading to More Cross-Border Kidnappings


September 18, 2015, 11:55 PM
Trailer full of undocumented migrants found in Texas


Mexican authorities capture notorious female cartel hit squad leader
Published September 21, 2015Fox News Latino

So Carolina Wiles and Martel on their Cease and Desist to the State Dept on The Ruthie Report

So Carolina Wiles and Martel on their Cease and Desist to State Dept on The Ruthie Report
Please join Ruthie - Thursday Sept 17th, 2015 at 9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 6 pm PST
with GUESTS: Michelle Wiles and Attorney Lauren Martel (bio’s below)
LIVE:  Thursday evening
As many of you are painfully aware illegal immigration is out of control - now add to that a massive
refugee situation (which I believe is illegal immigration on steriods) to the mix.
Refugees and Illegal aliens entering at will with the help of our government leaders - all the while when
“We The People” say NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now Mexico …one of our biggest illegal alien suppliers….
is considering taking in Syrian Refugees as well - how long before they simply cross our unsecured southern border?
Our safety, security and sovereignty is in jeopardy -
Please review the article below and tune in to hear Michelle and Lauren share with Ruthie what they are doing
the process and how you can get involved.
You Do Not Want To Miss This
Residents of upstate South Carolina have fought hard to stop an unwanted infusion of Third World refugees – including some from the jihadist hotbed of Syria – into their community.

Since finding out in March about the federal government’s plans to send an initial batch of 60 refugees to Spartanburg County, they have appealed to their Republican congressman, Rep. Trey Gowdy, their Republican Gov. Nikki Haley, and their Republican-dominated local county council – looking for help.

All of those GOP strongholds have let them down, they say, as a Christian aid group, World Relief, has already dropped off 25 refugees, straight from the United Nations camps in Africa and the Middle East.

But one local resident, Michelle Wiles, isn’t taking no for an answer.

Wiles hired an attorney, who on Aug. 29 sent a “cease-and-desist” letter to the U.S. State Department, which oversees the U.N. refugee resettlement program that annually drops 70,000 low-skilled, non-English speakers into more than 190 U.S. cities and towns in 49 states. They are expected to be housed, educated and have their medical needs cared for, all on the taxpayer’s dime.

Wiles hired attorney Lauren Martel of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, to draft what is known in the legal world as a “demand letter.” Such letters often precede litigation but not always.

Martel’s demand letter went out Monday via certified mail to Assistant Secretary of State Anne Richard and was copied to Gowdy, Haley, the state legislative delegation and county council members. The letter demands that World Relief stop resettling refugees in upstate South Carolina until the program can be fully investigated. It demands a response within five business days and puts the State Department on notice for “potential damages.”

Michele Wiles Bio:
works in Public Relations for Panacea Biofuels.
She is a grassroots political activist and serves as 2nd Vice Chair of the Pickens County Republican Party.
She is a homeschooling mother of 6 children (2 graduated)

Lauren Martel Bio:
The granddaughter of Dr. Norman B. Gibbs , a WW II Chaplain and veteran, Lauren’s family links to the US Military go back as far as the Civil War and Revolutionary War.  Her passion for our veterans and their families is ingrained in her from both her Grandfather’s service and later in life as an attorney practicing Family law  and seeing the destruction of military families as a consequence of the effects on our soldiers serving in the Global War on Terror.
As an attorney of over 20 years, Lauren has lent her legal expertise to countless successful businesses and leaders across the country and
has spearheaded several initiatives on the restoration of our families and our communities and is a sought after guest speaker on several radio and television shows such as Michael Cutler on USA Talk Radio Network.
She has contributed to many conservative, limited government, Fiscal Conservative Constitutional community organizing events and participated in the political process throughout her career.
Attorney Martel has argued in the Supreme Court of South Carolina in April 2014 and help in Appellate work
“Justice, Justice shall thou pursue”
Educational Experience:
Undergraduate Degree BA – Syracuse University 1987
Juris Doctorate – Syracuse University 1990
Professional Experience:
Vaux and Marscher, PA: 1992-1997
Law Office of Lauren Martel:  1997- Present

News for Sept 17

Mexico sends its unwanted… its poor, uneducated and criminal citizens (those they do not want to care for and deal with) to the U.S. Mexico allows illegal movement …the unwanted and terrorists alike, across their Country as long keep moving along with the final destination - of the USA. We know that terrorists have crossed into the U.S. from Mexico and Mexico has done NOTHING to stop it.

NOW!!!! Mexico is strongly considering opening it’s door to Syrian Refugees.
IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE………. If Mexico refuses to care for their own and sends them to us why would they agree to care for Syrian Refugees? How long before Mexico’s BEAST is tranporting the same very refugees they take in …to the United States because that is how Mexico rolls?

I DO NOT want Mexico telling us what to do and we should not tell them where and how to stand on the refugee crisis currently in pay (much of which I credited for lack of leadership in the United States)

Mexico Opening Door to Syrian Refugees, Joins Other Nations South of US Border


GOP punts on ‘sanctuary cities’ bill


Two Out of Three Hispanics Oppose Immigration Increase

Just have to wonder if Wells Fargo is clumping illegals in with this HISPANIC Homeownership push…. why the divide….shouldn’t it be Americans and Legal Residents versus pushing a particular nationality or ethnic group
Another housing bubble in the making
Just saying

Wells Fargo mortgage goal: $125B to Hispanic buyers


Elusive crime wave data shows frightening toll of illegal immigrant criminals


San Benito woman arrested after troopers find meth labeled as Mexican candy


ICE deports suspected Juárez kidnapper


Undocumented immigrant faces deportation for hit-and-run death


Woman Arrested at Gynecologist Appointment Could Face Deportation


Records: Car chase ends after tire falls off smuggler’s SUV


Airplane Full of Illegal Immigrants Seized at Texas Border


Feds: Suspect in North Charleston machete death has ties to Mexican cartel, was deported 3 times

Boycott and Protest planned at Disney for its H1B actions with Paul Arnold on The Ruthie Report

Boycott and Protest planned at Disney for its H1B actions with Paul Arnold on The Ruthie Report
Please join Ruthie - Thursday Sept 10th, 2015 at 9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 6 pm PST
with GUEST: Paul Arnold of Make Them Listen
Bio below
LIVE:  Thursday evening
Paul shares that …. We are boycotting Disney and protesting Disneyland and Disney World on Oct 17
Please tune in and hear Paul and Ruthie discuss the actions of Disney - Americans forced to train their own foreigner replacements and to hear more about this upcoming Boycott and Protest.
This Un-American Worker travesty and actions MUST END…….
Here are some links for your review
Huckabee Promotes American Workers, Slams H1B Visa Fraud and Abuse by Tech Companies

Disney Blacklisted Displaced American Workers


Mickey Mouse Operation
SoCal Edison/Disney Fire Americans to Hire Cheap Foreign Labor

Paul Arnold is a construction worker in Northen Calofornia. After being forced to compete with illegal aliens for jobs while wages dropped, Paul became an activist against illegal immigration.
He started by creating several Facebook pages which lead to becoming more involved in the movement against amnesty. He started protesting and helped organize and promote the DC March for Jobs in 2013.
After returning from the march, Paul decided he needed to do more so he founded the organization Make Them Listen. MTL started out as a one day phone call event to call Congress to oppose Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill S 744. Leading by example in making calls, Paul noticed there was a need to help people who were inexperienced at calling Congress. The purpose of Make Them Listen is to help people with their activism by providing information and guidance to enable them to be more effective with their efforts.
In May of 2014, Paul had the idea of holding a nationwide protest against immigration reform amnesty. On July 18-19, 2014, patriot groups and organizations across America united to participate in the ‘National Day of Protesting Immigration Reform Amnesty& Border Surge’. The event was a huge success with over 400 total protests in all 50 states. is committed to preserving America for future generations by working to stop illegal immigration, secure our borders, and to limit immigration to sustainable levels.

News for Sept 10th

See this Good News
U.S. judge dismisses challenge of Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law
Immigration rally
Challengers of Arizona’s landmark immigration law failed to show that police would enforce the statute differently for Latinos than they would for people of other ethnicities, a judge said in a ruling that dismissed the last of seven challenges to the law.
The ruling could signal the end of the case and gave a victory to backers of the law, which was approved in 2010.
Mexican Remittances Surpass Mexican Oil Exports
This is just beyond unbelievable!!!
First - not one word in this article about this murderer being an illegal alien
Second - no safety really?!?!?!?
Anyone that is somewhat familiar with handguns knows there are many many handguns that are made without safety’s and they sit there day in and day out - without just going off by themselves. Some individuals purposely and intentionally … buy them that way
This handgun WITHOUT A SAFETY would have laid there and behaved if it weren’t for an ILLEGAL ALIEN who stole it and by his own admission was shooting at a seal - guns do not kill people - people kill people and in Kate’s case - it was a 5 time felon illegal alien responsible.
“This is a disgusting display and joke of our judicial system….where an ILLEGAL ALIEN who our judicial system, legal system along with this Administration ignored - is now using and scamming the very system that failed Kate Steinle and so so many more Americans …… costing them their lives”.
“So disgusting - simply repulsive - that those….Kate Steinle and so many more - now .. FOREVER GONE - are treated with such disrespect all in the name of the lawless illegal aliens amongst us.”
Ruthie Hendrycks
Attorney in Steinle Case Blames Gun: It ‘Has No Safety’
Posted on September 8, 2015
AmmoLand Gun News
Steinle Family Files Lawsuit against San Francisco, ICE, and Bureau of Land Management
Point to Ponder from Robin Hvidston of We The People Rising - UPDATE
1. The City of Huntington Park requires a background check in order for a person to be appointed to a commission seat. The city website states, “Each person seeking appointment to a Commission shall complete an application provided by the City and upon appointment shall submit to a Live Scan background check before sworn into office (Resolution No. 2015-19, Ordinance No. 939-NS).”
According to an activist with a legal background, a social security number is required for the background check. Illegals do not have social security numbers.
The mayor stated that the 2 illegals have not had background checks processed yet. However, their names are listed on the Huntington Park Commissions website.
Ex-VP nominee Palin: Immigrants in U.S. should ‘speak American’
Less need for that supposedly cheap illegal alien labor huh? (welfare reform would do the job) So,  seeing that mechanization is starting to take over let’s enforce our immigration laws and start the mass DEPORTATION transportation process - Can I get a ‘Hell Yeah’ - Ruthie
Machines Replace Migrants in Maine Blueberry Harvest
St. Cloud Times
High court affirms HUD’s ability to rezone your city
AJ KERN, SAUK RAPIDS 11 a.m. CDT September 2, 2015
Gov’t Accuses Company Of Discrimination Over Employees Having To Prove Citizenship Status
So per this story…. again gang violence is involved…. so one must ask - why is it that we are not screening those entering the United States instead of allowing out of control illegal entry? Why are we not addressing gang crime by deporting those here illegally and go after and shutting down gangs that are here legally….Nope instead we have attacks against lawful gun owners and out of control crime by gangs - many whose members should not be here in the first place. Just read another crime ridden story of a young youth murdered by three other youth - two MS-13 gang members with the over riding assumtion that he was murdered because he would not join - and of course at least two of the three murderers are illegally in the U.S. What is missing in the United States is any leadership that posses any stones and isn’t pandering  - leadership that takes the lives of Americans (all Americans) seriously.
Weekend shootings leave 6 dead, 31 wounded
Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Members Charged In MURDER of 17-Yr-Old Walking To Bus Stop In Virginia
ICE removes MS-13 gang member sought for assassination of Salvadoran prosecutor
Burlington Police: Driver Without License Kills Moped Driver
Police find fully loaded gun in woman’s private parts
This is our current U.S. Government - corrupt from the get go and now trying to suppress the truth - one must wonder why and where the trail leads - what say you Obama?
N4T Investigators: U.S. trying to keep Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal out of slain agent’s trial