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The Ruthie Report is booked til mid December - November ALL STAR LINE UP IS BELOW. Therefore this may very well be my last opportunity in 2015 to share as much information as I can solo.  So, this Thursday Oct 29th I will not be having a guest but rather providing as much info with commentary as I can with you 
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November 5th - Rusty Fleming
Rusty Fleming is the Public Information Officer for the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office, Texas and an award winning
producer, director, author and consultant for 25 years, Rusty started his multi-media company to produce corporate industrial films, commercials and news segments. Rusty is recognized by national media and law enforcement agencis as an expert of border security and the Mexican drug cartel

November 12th - Linda Vickers and Jim Gibson of the Texas Border Volunteers (TBV)
The mission of the TBV is assisting law enforcement officials with securing the border, upholding the rule of law and educating the general public with regard to immigration issues, in securing the border from illegal immigration and providing education materials and activities aimed at informing the general public about immigration issues.

November 19th - Ron Branster - 
From illegal immigration to the Refugee Resettlement Ron has been active in speaking out and combating both issues. From the funding to the ‘out and out’ lawlessness and pandering … Ron is speaking out and educating the citizenry. So much so that he has caught the radar of many - some using coercion to ban him from speaking as in the case of a recent incident at the VFW in St. Cloud and some resorting to name calling etc. He continues to speak out and educate at many events, programs and meetings. Ron has much to Share.

November 26th - No Show…… Happy Thanksgiving!

News for Oct 29th

Attention NC citizens,

NCFIRE is pleased to announce that NC Governor Pat McCrory has just signed H318- Protect NC Workers Act, into law!

Now that H318 has become law, “LET’S RECLAIM NC”!

Enforcing this new law is 100% YOUR responsibility.

There are no illegal alien employer “agents” roaming the state looking for violators.

The law generally stipulates that an investigation can not be done, UNLESS and UNTIL, a citizen reports a violator. When they do, the NC Department Of Labor, MUST, by law, investigate those reports.

To report illegal alien employer violators, use the form here:
NC E-verify Complaint Form (it can be done anonymously).

It took us 8+ years to get illegal alien enforcement laws passed in NC, now let’s get out there and enforce them!

If YOU don’t do it, it won’t get done!


NCFIRE would like to thank Ron Woodard with NC Listen for working intently with us at the NC House level, on the passage of this legislation.

We would also like to thank and for assisting us in alerting NC citizens of this legislation.

It was a monumental effort and their help was crucial in our efforts.
Thanks for your support!

James Johnson
North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
Twitter: @NCFIREJames
E-mail: [email protected]

BREAKING: North Carolina Governor Signs Tough Bill to Crack Down on Illegal Aliens
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by Brian Hayes | Top Right News


October 22, 2015 4:00 AM
No sweeping reform bill will pass in this Congress. The next one is a different story.


Sanctuary City Policies Will ‘No Longer be Tolerated in Texas,’ says Governor Abbott


Commissioners’ Court Votes to support immigration relief programs


Ryan cuts immigration deal with House Freedom Caucus Members


Paul Ryan Nominated GOP Speaker Candidate, But Fails To Reach 218-Vote Threshold For Floor


Professor: Replacing white people to kill gun rights
Says just a matter of time before demographics take over
Published: 10/21/2015 at 8:19 PM

A professor at UCLA School of Law, writing for the Washington Post, says the battle over the Second Amendment will be won by progressives in the coming years, thanks to a secret weapon.

That weapon is immigrants, says Adam Winkler, a law professor and author of the book, “Gunfight: The Battle over the Right to Bear Arms in America.”


House bill would remove the term ‘alien’ from federal law


‘It works’: Yuma’s fence, manpower make border nearly impenetrable
William La Jeunesse


Gulf Cartel members arrested; several more wanted in connection with expressway shooting

How long before these criminals just return over that unsecured border….that is if it even
happens in the first place?

Mexico Reacts to U.S. Sentencing Reform Measures


Couple Says Arizona’s Denying Them Custody of Their Granddaughter Because They’re Undocumented


Juan Diego Toscano Del Val update: Suspect accused of fleeing police had been previously deported


Illegal Alien Convicted of Drunk Driving Death, Back in Texas Four Days After Deportation


Grassley: Illegal Child Migrants Skip Court Date, Allegedly Murder a VA Teen


Man who changed legal name of ID theft victim spared prison


Flight attendant admits he smuggled cocaine in his spandex underwear


Alarming Discovery Found in Stash House


Jose Amaya-Vasquez, twice-deported Honduran man, charged with rape, kidnapping


Illegal Immigrant Arrested in Nashua: Police


Agents find 33 immigrants stashed in refrigerated trailer

Robin Hvidston on illegal alien friendly CA also the LA jails and ICE uproar on The Ruthie Report

Robin Hvidston on illegal alien friendly CA also the LA jails and ICE uproar on The Ruthie Report
Please join Ruthie - Thursday Oct. 22nd, 2015 at 9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 6 pm PST
with Guest: Robin Hvidston Executive Director of We The People Rising, located in California.
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Robin and Ruthie will be discussing what is happening on the ground in ‘Illegal Alien Friendly’
California with Governor Moonbeam at the helm.
They will discuss the uproar that we are seeing in L.A. because jails can now work with ICE
to verify the immigration status of illegal aliens in their jails…. and if it truly is even happening.
They will discuss current legislation pandering to the illegals amongst us and if and what
We The People across this nation can do to stop it.
From Ruthie……………
Quite frankly I am amiss at why California and other States can so easily legislate for illegal alien foreigners
going against the current law of the land.
I cannot understand why California can promote lawlessness at the drop of a hat but other States who wish
to enforce our current immigration laws are sued by our own government when only choosing to abide by the law.
Why is it that California can aid and abet illegal aliens but Arizona cannot enforce the rule of law?
Why are States … that want to ensure that voters are actually qualified to vote … met with distain and a battle?
So many questions that we know the answers too…… but one last one……………….
When is someone at a State Level - A Governor going to show a lawful PRO AMERICAN proactive action to this invasion…
A Governor that takes a stand and enforces our laws… Lawsuit or no lawsuit.
Leadership that says enough is enough and gains the support of millions of Americans and Legal Residents who may very well flock to the State itself because of this honest and lawful leadership ………. that is a really good question.
Robin Hvidston is the executive director and field organizer of We The People Rising
A grassroots political activist, she has organized field operations in front the White House for Border Agents Ramos and Compean, offices of congress members as well as mayors in cities throughout Southern California.
Hvidston has been a key player in exposing local politicians and school board members who advocate for illegal aliens in campaigns that led to the voting out of office multiple local elected officials in Victorville, San Juan Capistrano and Rancho Cucamonga, CA. She is an experienced activist adept at influencing local politics at city and county meetings as well as meetings with congress members and their staff members.
An advocate for the English language, Hvidston has waged over 10 successful campaigns to replace Spanish language billboards with English language billboards in the Southern California cities of Hesperia, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland and Victorville.
Robin Hvidston
We The People California Crusaders

News for Oct 22

A voice for victims killed by illegal aliens
Media Contact
Maria Espinoza

October 20, 2015
WASHINGTON, DC - Determined to spare other families the pain and tragedy that has devastated them, the families whose loved ones were killed by illegal aliens are holding a Press Conference in Washington, DC.  They will be joined by 9/11 families of victims who also know firsthand the devastating impacts of illegal immigration.

“These families want to spare others the tragic pain and suffering they know.  They simply want to make America safe again,” said Maria Espinoza, National Coordinator for The Remembrance Project

The families will ask the nation to recognize the National Remembrance Day in their towns with prayers from their congregations, vigils,  reading of victims’ names, anything that will help raise awareness and show support for the safety of American families.

With each passing day, another innocent American will be killed by someone who should not have been in the country.

Date:           Monday, October 26, 2015

Time:           9:30A.M. EST

Address:      National Press Club - Murrow Room
529 14th Street, NW, 13th Floor
Washington, DC  20043


Illegal Aliens Lose Battle in Birth Certificate Lawsuit Against Texas


October 19, 2015, 10:00 am
Obama’s latest plan to rewrite immigration law

Meanwhile in Minnesota …we have this!. Anyone in Minnesota with the whereforall, financial resources and determination to start a recall for this ANTI American Governor……count me in - I will help as much as possible to recall this individual.

Governor Says Residents Questioning Refugee Settlement Should Leave His State


Refugee pushback growing in multiple states
Minnesota governor: Unhappy residents ‘should find another state’


Man gets 27 years in border agent’s slaying

Sanctuary Cities - providing cover for illegal aliens - alive and well thanks to the Democratic Party - so the next death by a criminal already deported illegal alien should be hung around their necks. DISGRACEFUL - but how many of you are really surprised? So the lawlessness prevails and We The People pay the price. SEE BY VOTE HERE!

U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 114th Congress - 1st Session

Barbara Boxer, Kate Steinle’s own Senator, Kills Anti-Sanctuary City Bill

Dear Ruthie,

Yesterday afternoon, the U.S. Senate had an opportunity bring justice to the family of Kate Steinle, the law-abiding American citizen who was tragically shot and killed on July 1 in San Francisco by an illegal alien with seven convictions and five previous deportations. Yet, nearly all Senate Democrats banded together to defeat S. 2146, the “Stop Sanctuary Policies and Protect Americans Act” by a 54-45 vote (with 60 “yes” votes needed). Only Democratic Sens. Joe Donnelly and Joe Manchin had the courage to cross party lines, while pro-amnesty GOP Sen. Mark Kirk joined the Democrats in opposing this commonsense bill that would protect American lives.

This outcome is outrageous for several reasons. First, yesterday’s vote was only a procedural vote to begin debating the bill. By obstructing the legislative process and not even addressing the bill’s merits, pro-amnesty Democrats demonstrated the extreme measures they are willing to take to protect all illegal aliens from immigration enforcement. Additionally, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA)-who was Kate Steinle’s Senator-cast the decisive 41st “no” vote that officially killed the bill. Similarly, Kate Steinle’s other Senator, Diane Feinstein (D-CA) also voted “no” despite saying shortly after Ms. Steinle was killed that her death “could have been avoided” if San Francisco did not have a sanctuary policy. Notably, Feinstein instituted San Francisco’s first sanctuary policy back in 1985 when she was mayor.


San Francisco Board Unanimously Reaffirms Sanctuary City Status


Paul Ryan: Job of U.S. Lawmaker Is to Put Yourself in Shoes of Foreign Citizens


Freedom Caucus Majority Backs Paul Ryan for House Speaker


Illegal Immigrants Sue, Seeking Lower Tuition In Missouri

Illegal aliens should not be in our colleges …Americans should be. For every illegal alien in College means an American is not - there are only so many places to fill. And then to demand lower tuition…really…. how long are we going to put up with illegal aliens and the ACLU lawless charades?

Tide Joins La Raza to ‘Wash Away’ Racism

Center For Immigration Studies -

Thousands of Alien Felons Are Being Released from Prison
Congressional Action Could Lead to Thousands More


Surge of illegal children, families accelerates
10,000 caught at border in September


Border Patrol Agent: Obama Admin’s ‘Catch and Release’ Causing Influx Of Illegals


Border chaos: 3-year wait for deportation hearings, just 1 in 6 minors show up
The report also revealed:

— One in six minors fail to appear at immigration hearings and are automatically ordered deported in absentia.

— Most deportation orders of minors go unexecuted.

— Of 13,204 minors ordered removed in fiscal 2014, just 1,863 were actually deported.


Police Arrest Mexican Immigrant for Stealing Hundreds of Americans’ IDs


Undocumented Woman Faces 24 Felony Counts For Collecting A Paycheck


More Than 300 Illegal Alien Murderers And Child Rapists Arrested In Florida



A U.S. border inspector fatally shot a knife-wielding Mexican man at a California crossing on Wednesday, and an agency official quickly defended his actions.


Border Patrol agent shoots across border near Naco

Nat’l Day of Remembrance with Maria Expinoza on The Ruthie Report

Nat’l Day of Remembrance with Maria Espinoza on The Ruthie Report

Please join Ruthie - Thursday Oct. 15th, 2015 at 9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 6 pm PST with Guest: MARIA ESPINOZA National Director of The Remembrance Project/Stolen Lives

Maria and Ruthie will discuss the upcoming annual National Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Illegal Aliens - which is November 1st, 2015 - They will discuss the times and locations of this years nationwide event and how you can get involved.


We Are Their Voices!!!

Maria’s Bio follows.
Maria Espinoza is co-founder and national director of The Remembrance Project, a 501c3 non-profit organization.
She has volunteered her time for six (6) years traveling across the country advocating for the families of the victims who were killed by illegal aliens.
Maria has arranged for families to testify in state legislatures and before the Senate and House Judiciary Committees.
She has met with some our countries’ top officials including U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, and former Attorney General Eric Holder.

The Organization has two main initiatives:
1. The Stolen Lives Quilt, which memorializes Americans in each State who have been killed by illegal aliens
2. The new initiative America First Latinos, which is a group of Latinos that insist the priority in America must be the safety and welfare of Americans and America.

Maria Espinoza
Co-founder & Nat’l Director

The Remembrance Project
PO Box 440548
Houston, TX  77244

Stolen Lives Quilt
America First Latinos

Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform and
Host of The Ruthie Report
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

“The Ruthie Report” - 8 pm CST Thursday’s
At the ‘Constitutional Patriot Radio Media Network’
Listed as a Top Conservative Talk Radio Host at

News for Oct 15th

FROM FAIR - Make Those Calls!!!!
Tuesday the Senate is prepared to act.

More than three months have passed since Kate Steinle was tragically shot and killed in San Francisco by an illegal alien with seven convictions and five previous deportations. Since her July 1 death, Americans across the country have demanded that Congress act to punish sanctuary cities—State and local jurisdictions with policies that obstruct immigration enforcement. Finally, on Tuesday the Senate is prepared to act.

Call your Senators NOW!
Tell them to vote YES on S. 2146, the “Stop Sanctuary Policies and Protect Americans Act”


Visit to See Where Candidates Stand

NOTE: We do not have enough confinscated tax payer dollars to provide decent and quality care for those you stand up and defend this nation but apparently we have enough (AGAINST OUR WILL) tax payer dollars to pay for an out of control refugee and illegal immigration invasion.
Why are we not taking care of our own instead of Washington falling all over themselves for Foreigners - most here illegally?

VA gets Shorted $2.6 Billion while Obama Admin Budgets $4.5 Billion on Syrians Migrants
23 September, 2015


41 new sanctuary cities in just 4 months
Releasing thousands of criminal aliens into communities
Published: 7 days ago

new sactuary city map


Dave Brat: Next House Speaker Must Oppose Amnesty for Illegals


Crowd gathers to hear Trump speech in Las Vegas


Undocumented Immigrants Could Get Kidney Transplants Under New Bill


Illegal Alien is Arrested for the Rape of a Four Year Old Child


Mexican Nationals Enslaved Young Girls for Sex Trafficking in Texas


Illegal Alien Pervert Who Filmed Texas Woman on Walmart Toilet Might Be Released into U.S.


Illegal Aliens Complain About Racial Profiling in Jail


Crescencio Heredia – illegal alien rapes sleeping woman in Chicago


Police bust suspected drop house in west Valley


Minneapolis,MN.US: 32-Year-old Muslim Immigrant Sexually Solicits and Assaults a 16-Year-old Schoolgirl on Bus


Minneapolis Muslim migrant charged with brutally raping 10-year-old girl

Obama Bans Pork from Prisons, CAIR Praises Decision

October 11, 2015
How 200,000 invaders turns into 2,000,000 in the blink of an eye

Getting caught up on Oct 8th on The Ruthie Report

Getting caught up on Oct 8th on The Ruthie Report
Please join Ruthie - Thursday October 8th, 2015 at 9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 6 pm PST
I have quite a bit of information, I would like to share with you and get caught up on
Oct 8th, 2015
Ruthie Solo - There is no guest this week. Instead, I will share with you all I have and we will get caught up.
Upcoming Schedule
Oct 15, 2015
Maria Espinosa of The Remembrance Project on the Nov 1 annual
National Day of Remembrance for the Victims Killed by Illegal Aliens.
Locations and how you can get involved and attend an event or sponsor one.
Oct 22th, 2015
Robin Hvidston Executive Director of We The People Rising regarding
California’s pandering to illegal aliens and specifically L.A. now working with ICE
and the raucous heard by those who do not want our laws enforced.
Click here to listen
LIVE:  Thursday evening

News for Oct 8th

Top Law Enforcement Official: Terrorists Have Infiltrated U.S. Through Mexico

One in Five U.S. Residents
Speaks Foreign Language at Home
Record 63.2 million; Arabic and Urdu are the fastest growing


The band of brothers who voluntarily patrol the US-Mexico border: Heavily armed vigilantes led by a veteran dubbed ‘Nailer’ act as the final guard against what they call an ‘immigrant invasion’


$13 Mil to Help Central American Youths That Don’t Make it to U.S.


What happened to the lawsuit against Obama’s immigration actions?


US government deports fewest immigrants in nearly a decade


Immigration to add 103 million people to Population by 2065, accounting for 88% of all growth
Fifty years ago this week, Pres. Lyndon Johnson signed the historic Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 that reshaped U.S. immigration policy.


Mexican Mayor Looking to Sue ‘Sicario’ Movie over Negative Image

FOUND: Guilty of first- and second-degree murder - As It Should Be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


White House Reveals End Game for Massive Immigration


Texas birth certificate denials for US-born kids get hearing


Morning Call

Judge orders Hazleton to pay $1.4 million in legal costs in immigration case


Senator Rand Paul Introduces Legislation to Expand the EB-5 Program


Feds back out on vow to expedite visa process


Federal government neglect blamed for record breaking criminal activity

In deportation process - as he should be !!!

ICE Detains 67 Year Old Grandfather Who Has Been In The US For 23 Years Without A Criminal Record


1,377 pounds of pot found after being ‘launched’ over border


Previously Deported Human Smuggler Arrested in Texas with Guns


Man who says he was cartel enforcer pleads guilty to murders


U.S. to release 6,000 federal prisoners: Washington Post


Deported Alien Who Kidnapped and Raped Child Caught Back in Texas