SSN Theft and the IRS knew it - The Guenterberg’s life ruined on The Ruthie Report

Please join Ruthie this week ……. Thursday Feb 26th, 2015  at 9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 6 pm PST
with GUESTS:                 Robert and Debi Guenterberg

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You are NOT GOING TO BELIEVE - the account of two fellows Americans and their SSN Theft Nightmare
at the hands of two (yes two) illegal aliens.
Please join me for an eye popping account of the theft of an Americans’ SSN by not one but two
illegal aliens - how it has ruined their lives - how Debi - thru sheer determination and years of hard work
was tasked with unraveling this TRAVESTY -  Their efforts that are still on going
And even more maddening is the realization that the IRS knew it and did nothing.
Once again it seems that providing illegal aliens with cover trumps the American Citizenry…..
and it is only getting worse. Tune in to hear what the IRS had to say
And if that is not enough to bring you to your feet - tune in to hear why this illegal was released after
being found guilty - YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE IT
Just why is it that the IRS is not actively tracking this THEIVES - why are they not being deported and
serving their FULL sentence - why is it that the IRS is allowing Americans to suffer these heart ships?

There is legislation being drafted to address this and we must all demand our Representatives get on board
Identity theft kept secret by IRS? |
Apr 28, 2013 · Robert Guenterberg was a victim of identity theft for years without knowing it, even though the IRS knew the whole time.
Public Investigator - Odyssey into ID theft
For years, Robert Guenterberg wondered why he had a hard time getting credit. A home loan. A Chase Bank card. A line of credit to buy a Ford truck. The Wisconsin man …
Robert Guenterberg was a victim of identity theft for years without …
Cornelio Suarez was convicted of identity theft, then later released …
The Guenterberg’s SSN Theft Nightmare -…
Identity Theft in the News The Guenterberg’s SSN Theft Nightmare . Recently Robert Guenterberg went in to refinance his land and the bank reported that his credit had …
Identity Theft Foreclosure On Their Credit - The Guenter…
Recently Robert Guenterberg went in to refinance his land and the bank reported that his credit had dropped 200 points in the past two weeks. Why?

and this …………..

IG: IRS ‘Hindered’ Efforts to Stop Illegals from Misusing Social Security Numbers
August 29, 2013

News for Feb 26th

Sen. McConnell Announces Plan to Fund Obama’s Amnesties
Wed, Feb 25th 2015
You Could Hear a Pin Drop During Father’s Devastating Testimony on Illegal Immigration: ‘Do Black Lives Really Matter?’
Feb. 25, 2015
To Our Fellow Patriots in Australia - Job Well Done - Congrat’s
America Wake Up
Not a Single Illegal Immigrant in 7 Months… In Australia
Nick Adams | Feb 20, 2015
Australia had a problem with illegal immigration.
It doesn’t anymore.
Obama to seek emergency order restarting immigration programs
02/20/15 01:45 PM EST
The Obama administration will seek an emergency court order to move forward with President Obama’s executive action on immigration.
And then we have this………………………………
States given until Monday to respond in immigration lawsuit
BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS (AP) — A judge says a coalition of states suing to stop President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration has until Monday to respond to a request by the U.S.
We Have DEMANDED the GOP hold the line on funding for amnesty and so far Boehner
Is answering the call - hard as it is to say……….. He deserves thanks. Ask him to stand strong
Reported by numerous sources including the Washington Times
John Boehner Blows Kisses to the Press, Won’t Budge on DHS
Funding for the department expires at midnight on Friday.
February 26, 2015 With less than two days to go before a Homeland Security Department shutdown, John Boehner isn’t blinking.
Reid vows to block DHS conference
The U.S. Justice Department confirmed this Folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U.S. National Guard protected Mexican drug shipments and traffickers
Jim Kouri
Obama: ‘They Can Have That Vote,’ But I Won’t Back Down On Immigration
Posted: 02/25/2015 8:22 pm EST Updated: 2 hours ago
Several things here……….
First - Obama is saying no matter what Congress or our Judicial System says that he will go forward with is treasonous destructive agenda - grounds for Impeachment - he is not a dictator!
Second - Anyone out there supporting Jeb Bush (very few I would think) - isn’t it nice that Obama appreciates Bush’s efforts - enough said.
Third - Obama continues to push actions of 2013 but fails to mention that when he had control of both Houses - they did NOTHING on this issue - instead focused on Socialized Medicine - should (but does not) show the illegal aliens in this Country and their minions just what the game is here……Important When Convenient For Political Games - too bad the illegals are not smart enough to see this.
And Lastly - this is supposedly all about DHS funding - QUIT INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE
DHS could have and would have been funded weeks ago if only Epic Failure and the Democrat’s removed their amnesty funding - so the million dollar question then is…………………….
What is more important to Obama, Democrat’s and a few Republicans - funding DHS or illegal aliens?
Makes you wonder as well - does anyone in Congress - and I am focusing this directly at the Democratic Party - do they realize that Obama has just declared that he does not give a damn what they have to say either ?
Obama can’t round up enough illegals to fill detention quotas required by law
Obama: ‘Consequences’ for ICE Officials Who Don’t Follow Executive Amnesty
EXPOSED: Jeb Bush Repeatedly Says Illegal Aliens Are Better People Than Americans, Says U.S. Must Be “Fundamentally Transformed” With Mass Immigration
As many as 2,800 inmates to be moved after leaving prison uninhabitable
Father is furious after eighth grade son has homework assignment on immigration that is ‘brainwashing students to be future Democrat voters’
February 22, 2015
Illegal Aliens Unhappy with Shortage of Bilingual Doctors
Exit question: If people here illegally can’t find doctors in America who speak their language, where can they go to find doctors who do?
Texas Governor: Since Jan. 1, ‘We Have Had More Than 20,000 People Come Across the Border’
February 23, 2015 - 7:30 AM
Immigration Status of course - not given - just another Obama Dreamer
Medford police arrest gang member and his brother after short chase
Posted Feb. 25, 2015 at 5:56 PM
Previously Deported Human Trafficker Sends Border Patrol Agent to Hospital in Vicious Attack
Dearborn illegal alien Muslim pleads guilty to killing soccer referee during game
Obama-Supporting Immigration Attorney Arrested for Fraud – Forged Visa Application Forms
Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, February 22, 2015, 11:17 PM

Dave Gibson on IA Crime and the Haitian Parole Program on The Ruthie Report

Dave Gibson on Illegal Alien Crime and the Haitian Parole Program on The Ruthie Report

Please join Ruthie this week ……. Thursday Feb 19th, 2015  at 9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 6 pm PST
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Dave …formerly of the Examiner and now reporting at The Universal Free Press and the Illegal Alien Crime Report has worked as a freelance writer for many years, covering immigration, politics and crime. He once made a living working on Republican campaigns, and has served as a legislative aide to a Va. state senator. He is a frequent contributor to several radio shows, including the Talk Back w/Chuck Wilder Show.

Dave and Ruthie will discuss

1. DHS To Implement Haitian Family Reunification Parole Program

2.     The recent stat’s of Child Sexual Assault at the hands of illegal aliens in North Carolina
……the numbers are frightening - check it out at

3. Dave’s never ending reporting of crimes committed by illegal aliens keeping us all informed
     Our thanks and gratitude for his reporting day in and day out on this out of control lawlessness

News for Feb 19th

If you haven’t heard - we have a VICTORY - whether it withstands the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans or goes all the way to the Supreme Court - a victory is a victory.
Illegal aliens and their supporters are livid - much like we have been …fighting this lawlessness - day in and day out….only we have the law in our camp. One must wonder if these illegal aliens, their supporters and the moles/trolls who support this are aware that their ‘Savior’ Obama never signed an executive order…instead having DHS put forth a memo…a memo with a timeline.
I for one, will take whatever victory we can get while fighting forward for the return of the Rule of Law, what is best for the American Citizenry and this nation, not illegal alien foreigners and with 26 States demanding it be stopped - let’s get loud and proud and show our support.
As for the DHS funding ….. This only adds to the pressure of Democrats who scream that DHS must be
funded (a clean bill) and refuse to remove the amnesty funding. In reality DHS will continue on funding or no funding so Republicans UNITE and HOLD THE LINE. Call them tell them to STAND STRONG.
Please stay alert and engaged…. The thought in Washington is at this will be heard immediately by the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans with the outcome split - some stay the Court will uphold it and others saying it will be reversed - which then means on to the Supreme Court.
This is what is currently posted at US Citizenship and Immigration Services along with the guidelines that have been stopped due to this injunction.
Update: Due to a federal court order, USCIS will not begin accepting requests for the expansion of DACA on February 18 as originally planned. The court’s temporary injunction, issued February 16, does not affect the existing DACA. Individuals may continue to come forward and request an initial grant of DACA or renewal of DACA under the guidelines established in 2012. Please check back for updates.
Contact Judge Hanen and THANK HIM
Chambers Contacts
Adalia Mora, Judicial Secretary
Chambers of Judge Andrew S. Hanen
United States Courthouse
600 East Harrison St., #301
Brownsville, TX 78520
Federal judge halts Obama’s amnesty orders
Boehner says ruling should clear path for Homeland Security funding
Published: 18 hours ago. Updated: 02/17/2015 at 9:40 AM
Hopes On Hold: Dreamers Vent Anger Over Immigration Ruling
Cruz: Judge’s ruling ‘turning point’ in amnesty battle
Order stalling ‘lawless’ executive action unites GOP
Senate Democrats Choosing Illegal Immigrants Over Border Patrol Agents
Amnesty Injunction Saddens Mexico, Central America
Jorge Ramos Warns ‘Latino Voters Will Remember’ Injunction in ’16
Oh Please - many Latino’s feel the way we do - NO AMNESTY NO PASS - apparently Ramos is talking about illegals liens and they are not able to vote in the first place - Get a grip Jorge
Rep Luis Gutierrez – A Militant Man Of The People, The Illegal Latino People – Warns Of Retaliation Against American Citizens
More rudeness, acting out and borderline lawless behavior at the hands of the lawless
Pro-Immigration Protestors Tell GOP Lawmakers We Will Confront Your ‘Racist Sentiments’
February 18, 2015 - 2:25 PM
White House again urges Congress to fund the Department of Homeland Security
WND Exclusive
Syrian refugee program called ‘back door for jihadists’
‘Barbarians are at the gate,’ says congressman
Italy evacuates citizens by sea from Libya; urges greater UN mission as security deteriorates
During a visit to Las Vegas, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio suggested Wednesday that Congress should pass a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security without conditions, essentially stepping back from a battle with President Barack Obama over his executive actions on immigration.
Constitution Check: Is the President’s new immigration policy already a constitutional dead letter?
Conservative Tribune
BREAKING: These 2 States Just Made a Huge Move to Stop Illegals From Getting Driver’s Licenses
Drunk Driving Is Illegal, Except For Illegals – Border Patrol Ordered Not To Arrest DUI Offenders
Patriots….Contact MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) ask them where the are on this and why they are awol and have been for sometime on illegal alien Drunk Driving.
What I wrote……………..
“MADD where do you stand on this - I have asked your organization in the past to get involved in illegal alien drunk driving with no response - now they will get a pass altogether - leading to more American lives lost that were totally preventable…..what say you?”
MADD on Facebook
Studies: Exec Amnesty Will Strain CA Budget–Illegals Eligible for Medi-Cal, Cash Assistance
L.A. Times Concedes ‘Serious Diseases’ Come from Mexico, Central America
Twice-Deported Illegal Alien With Terror Ties, DUI Convictions Gets Sweetheart Plea Deal
FEBRUARY 19, 2015
Border Patrol Agents Arrest Illegal Alien Wanted For Murder in Texas
Posted on February 17, 2015 by Dave Gibson
This is how secure our southern border is - pumping gas - Good God!!!!!
How long did he sexually abuse this child before fleeing to Mexico and simply returning?
McALLEN – A fugitive wanted for an aggravated sexual assault on a child was arrested after being on the run for two weeks, police say.
Jose Antonio Moreno, 49, was arrested outside a Stripes convenience store on South 10th Street and Business 83 about 7 p.m. Wednesday, San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez said.
Police Arrest Mexican National Videoing Woman in Walmart Bathroom
News Illegal Alien Murdered 6-Month-Old Baby in North Carolina
Illegal Alien Murdered 6-Month-Old Baby in North Carolina
Dave Gibson 02/16/2015News

World Traveler Frosty Wooldridge on the Balkanization of the U.S. on The Ruthie Report

World Traveler Frosty Wooldridge on the Balkanization of the U.S. on The Ruthie Report

Please join Ruthie this week ……. Thursday Feb 12th, 2015  at 9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 6 pm PST
with Guest: FROSTY WOOLDRIDGE -see bio below

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LIVE:  Thursday evening
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Frosty Wooldridge is very up front and candid when discussing the balkanization of the United States and
the future of the World - this will be a great show that you will not want to miss
We will discuss what is happening, why and what the future may hold as Frosty believes it to be.

A few articles of interest by Frosty Wooldridge

Endless Immigration into America: Chaotic World Views

Endless Immigration into America: The Muslim Aberrant Connection

Endless Immigration Into America: Chaotic World Views

Overpopulation in America and Around the World: How Much Growth Is Enough?

Frosty Wooldridge Bio:
Six continent world bicycle traveler
Frosty Wooldridge possesses a unique view of the world, cultures and families in that he has bicycled around the globe 100,000 miles, on six continents and nine times across the United States in the past 35 years. He has written hundreds of articles (regularly) for 17 national and two international magazines. He has had hundreds of guest editorials published in top national newspapers including the Denver Post, Albany Herald, Las Vegas Tribune and Daily Camera. He wrote a column, “CRYSTAL DESERT CONTINENT,” for a major newspaper in Colorado while he lived in Antarctica.
His books include, Handbook for Touring Bicyclists; Strike Three! Take Your Base; Bicycling Around the World; Motorcycle Adventure to Alaska: Into the Wind—A Teen Novel; An Extreme Encounter: Antarctica; Bicycling the Continental Divide: Slice of Heaven, Taste of Hell; Immigration’s Unarmed Invasion: Deadly Consequences; America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans; Losing Your Best Friend: Vacancies of the Heart. How to Live a Life of Adventure: The Art of Exploring the World; How to Deal with 21st Century American Women: Co-creating a successful relationship. Reach
Frosty Wooldridge, 68, Dougherty High School, Albany, GA, 1965, Michigan State University graduate 1970, BA, Journalism/Advertising, Grand Valley State University graduate 1973, BA, English with teaching certificate. He worked as a college guidance counselor for six years before taking up a career in teaching in math and science in Denver, Colorado. Along his journey, he became an 18-wheeler truck driver, dance teacher, ski instructor for the handicapped, writer, cardiac catheterization medical technician, heavy equipment trainer, volunteer inner city teacher and public speaker.
Wooldridge speaks on human overpopulation to colleges, high schools, political clubs and civic clubs across America: “The coming population crisis in America: and what you can do about it.” Additionally: “How to Live a Life of Adventure: designing your life to live on your terms.”

Brooke news for Feb 12th

And at
Amnesty supporters are preparing for complete defeat of Obama’s unconstitutional immigration unpolicy in US District Court
February 10, 2015
Activists prepare for the worst in lawsuit to block immigration actions
Folks this is treason - YES I SAID TREASON - at the hands of the current man living in the White House and must not stand nor pass.
I wonder if a quarter of those in Congress even have a clue about this
Set the Hounds loose - call Congress ask them to review In-Country Refugee/Parole Processing for Minors in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala,” or the “Central American Minors – CAM” program and make sure it goes absolutely no where but the garbage bin
Obama Expands Immigration Via Border Security Plan
11:34 PM 02/09/2015
Neil Munro
Obama is opening “a whole new pipeline for legal migration,” said Ann Corcoran, editor of Refugee Resettlement Watch.
Jo Wideman - CAPS Executive Director <[email protected]> wrote:
ACTION ALERT: Birth tourism to U.S. soars!
Tell Congress to abolish birthright citizenship!
Press Release
McConnell: Senate ‘stuck’ over bill funding Homeland Dept.
For Every New Job, Two New Immigrants
Illegal immigration is most unpopular issue with Americans
Looking past the lawlessness and the utter destruction Obama’s lawless un Constitutional pandering amnesty will have - look at the costs to the American Taxpayer…………..
Obama faces high stakes in rollout of controversial immigration program
20,000 foreign fighters flock to Syria, Iraq to join terrorists
Homeland Security Chief Johnson: Terrorist Sleeper Cells in US Now
Racial Profiling Luis Gutierrez
Luis Gutierrez to TX Gov: ‘We Are Coming’ for Exec Amnesty
Associated Press
Obama’s immigration actions could overwhelm agency, witness tells Senate
Illegal immigrants squeeze school budgets
Stand With Utah states……….
“Obama’s got a snitch line going! Homeland Security sets up Obama amnesty complaint hotlines for illegals. Memos say agencies want to know if federal officials violate ‘new DHS enforcement priorities’..WTH?”
A call line for illegal aliens - UNBELIEVABLE
Previously Convicted Illegal Immigrant Kills Houston Musician
3:42 PM 02/03/2015
An illegal immigrant who had already been convicted on narcotics charges ended up killing two innocent bystanders in Houston.
Unauthorized Immigrants’ Access to Driver’s Licenses Is at Risk
GOP Sen: Illegals Complaining to Border Patrol Over Long Wait to Get ‘Caught’
Sen Johnson
Breitbart Non-Syndicated
Federal Judge Awards Illegal Alien Nearly $500K After Being Shot by Border Patrol Agent
AZ Central Screenshot
News Illegal Alien Child Molester Was Working on a U.S. Military Base
Illegal Alien Child Molester Was Working on a U.S. Military Base
News Illegal Alien Caught in the Act of Raping 6-Year-Old Girl in North Carolina
Illegal Alien Caught in the Act of Raping 6-Year-Old Girl in North Carolina
Illegal Alien Used Wife’s Daycare to Molest Toddlers
Illegal Alien Committed Statutory Rape While Using Stolen Social Security Number
Mexican border now a major entry point for Cuban migrants
AG Nominee Eyed in Massive Obama Cover-Up
Home> International
Mexican Newspaper Editor Kidnapped, Beat up, Released

Warring Cartels, Border Agent Orders and More with Rusty Fleming on The Ruthie Report

Warring Cartels, Border Agent Orders and More with Rusty Fleming on The Ruthie Report
Please join Ruthie this week ……. Thursday Feb 5th, 2015  at 9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 6 pm PST
with Guest Rusty Fleming - bio below
Click here to listen
LIVE:  Thursday evening

ARCHIVED: Click here
copy and paste in address bar - or go to  and  search … The Ruthie Report
Rusty and Ruthie will discuss the all and out war going on just over our southern unsecured border.
As Rusty has stated the cartel warfare taking place in Mexico silences only when the cartels are working together
or until one statement or action - revives it.
My Thought: The current situation and reports coming out of Mexico are much like … and can be compared to
what we are seeing in third world countries at this time … and yet our border remains unsecured - UNBELIEVABLE.
Rusty and Ruthie will also discuss the new orders to Border Patrol by the man currently in the White House and the
devastating impact it will have not to mention the demoralizing message being sent to these brave men and women
And More…………..

Rusty’s Bio……………………….
Rusty Fleming is the Public Information Officer for the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office, Texas and an award winning
producer, director, author and consultant for 25 years, Rusty started his multi-media company to produce corporate industrial films, commercials and news segments.
Rusty is recognized by national media and law enforcement agencies as an expert on border security and the Mexican drug cartels.
In addition to producing news documentaries for several U.S. networks, he has produced multiple episodes of Gangland for The History Channel. Rusty has currently developed two documentary projects related to the drug cartels and other organized crime syndicates operating in Mexico and the U.S

News for Feb 5th

Democrat’s Holding Our Homeland Security HOSTAGE for Illegal Aliens
By Ruthie Hendrycks
Feb 3, 2015
Obama, the Democratic Party and a few Republicans are holding the funding of the Department of Homeland Security hostage – putting each and every one of us in danger …… ALL FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS
Obama to host illegal immigrant Dreamers at White House
Update From Eagle Forum
February 3, 2015
Earlier today, the U.S. Senate failed to proceed to debate on the House-passed Homeland Security appropriations bill that defunds President Obama’s amnesties. Senate Democrats and Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) decided that they would rather shut down the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) than have a debate on the president’s executive actions.
Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121
Jessica Vaughan
Government Data Reveal 5.5 Million New Work Permits Issued Since 2009
IRS offers extra tax refunds to illegal immigrants granted amnesty by Obama
IRS offers extra tax refunds to illegal immigrants granted amnesty by Obama
And - LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Taxes Enough Already Party - where are you on this?)
Here is a 6 minute Video - YOU MUST SEE - the IRS knows that illegals are filing for children in Mexico or that may not even exist costing us over $4 billion A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
While Americans struggle - many unable to find employment others Taxed Enough Already - the IRS with the blessing of this Administration want to give illegal aliens EXTRA tax refunds. Apparently helping the middle class - as Epic Failure proclaims - is only if you are an illegal alien taking the jobs Americans SHOULD have - and while you wait for your refund because the IRA says it may be delayed (if you are not going to pay even more in taxes) rest assured that illegals are getting extra funds
This is Aiding and Abetting ILLEGAL activity and grounds for removal from office. It is illegal to be employed in this Country if you are here illegally - and no exec fiat can change the law…. And yet those who spit on our rule of law are now going to be EXTRA awarded by the IRS…. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The IRS is nothing more that the collection theft agency for the lawless progressive left and must be torn down - Obama should be removed from office for aiding and abetting the enemy
Here is some additional info for you
Cruz: Block Lynch until Obama blinks on immigration
Stalling the attorney general nominee would be a ‘concrete’ tool ‘to rein in the president’s lawlessness,’ he says.

Los Angeles officials want to raise $10 million for amnesty applicants


Nevada attorney general joins lawsuit against Obama’s amnesty


DHS Secretary Threatens US Sheriffs: Obama Will Cut Their Grants If Congress Does Not Fund Amnesty

GOP Congressman on Why He Thinks Illegal Immigrants Might be to Blame for Measles Outbreak
Illegal immigrants released from custody committed 1,000 new crimes
Border Patrol agents say gun sharing puts lives at risk
Police: Man pulled over with 119 pounds of cocaine worth more than $6 million

Central Valley teen raped over 5 days and beaten with tire iron, police say

BREAKING: Mexican Cartel Goes Back to War Just South of Texas Border
CONFIRMED: 14 Dead in Cartel War Raging at Texas Border
4 Feb 201550
Ariz. Sheriff: Up To 30% of Illegal Aliens Caught at Border Have Criminal History in U.S.
News Illegal Alien Forced Girl To Give Him Massage, Then Sodomized Her
Illegal Alien Forced Girl To Give Him Massage, Then Sodomized Her
Dave Gibson 01/30/2015News
3KShare 17Tweet 8 0Reddit 3Share 0Email
Leesburg, Va. – On Thursday, Hugo Avalos Sanchez, 32, was sentenced by Judge Benjamin N.A. Kendrick in Loudoun County Circuit Court to nine years in prison, for molesting a 13-year-old girl.
Upon hearing that he would face deportation back to Mexico after completing his prison sentence, Sanchez told the judge it would be a “devastating experience.”
Illegal alien child rapers had a field day on our states’ children in January. 94 individuals amassed518 separate charges of child rape for the month!

Every month, it just keeps getting worse! Read the report here:

(The worst part of it is; every one of these was 100% preventable.)

Since a majority of the lawmakers in Raleigh voted to override ANY illegal immigration enforcement measures during the last session of the General Assembly, NCFIRE is laying the blame for this squarely at their feet.

If you would like to personally demand they enact and enforce illegal immigration laws at the state level, use the links below.

Who represents me and how do I contact them?

1) To find out who represents you, use this link and follow the instructions:

2) If you already know who represents you, use these links:
N.C. House members:
N.C. Senate members:

You can view the past 15 months’ worth of child rapes by illegal aliens in NC on our website:www/

This ongoing illegal alien crime wave against NC citizens has got to stop. It is killing us: financially, emotionally and physically.

James Johnson
North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
Twitter: @NCFIREJames
E-mail: [email protected]