Caravan Update

As of 9 p.m. local time Sunday, no one has been processed at all. Nobody has set foot in the United States, says one of the organizers — as it should be!!!
This is a game and we all know it - America is FULL.
The caravan was told by Border Patrol authorities that they are unable to process them due to space constraints. That they would be processed when space was available.
Of course by now many of you have seen the images of these game players waving flags of a foreign Country (mostly Honduras) while sitting on the fence demanding to enter our SOVEREIGN Nation. Disrespectful individuals who refuse to make their demands and fight for their Country… in their own homeland.
One migrant blamed the U.S. government for failing “to get sufficient agents and resources” to process the refugees. ARE YOU KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have Americans in need - our own problems and we are suppose to drop everything and ensure resources are available for game players/future welfare demanding illegal aliens? - I think not!!!
President Trump please ensure no entry - millions are watching to see how this - yet another planned invasion - transpires.

If This Is Not Nipped In The Butt Now…….

If this is not nipped in the butt now………………….
Just something isn’t it, that these lawyers say “they are not telling the asylum game players soon to be our illegal aliens’ what to say” they are just providing them with information. THE GAUL - do they really believe that WE WOULD believe this asinine comments?
They ‘help’ (if you want to call it that) these people claiming ‘THE LAW’ and then tomorrow turn around and ‘help’ some already illegally present illegal alien in our interior… precisely THROWING THE LAW under the bus. INSANE!!!
This must not transpire!!! All eyes are on DHS and The President - watching to see what does actually take place. THEY CAN REQUEST ASYLUM - but the U.S. DOES NOT NEED TO GRANT IT!!!
As you already know if you flee a country due to fear - you are suppose apply for asylum in the first Country to get to - that would be MEXICO.
But of course not - like the pregnant asylum game player (illegal alien) who has plans of meeting up with family in Houston. Tell me that was not per-arranged!!!
Or the heart-tugging comments of another saying that once in the U.S. his kids can go to school, learn English and buy toys …So just who will be paying for that schooling and toys - the game-playing pending illegal alien or you and I?
There is also talk of medical diseases and concerns - so will these game players be screened or just released on to our streets and in our schools with our children.
If THIS IS NOT NIPPED IN THE BUTT NOW - it will never end.
PLEASE Mr. President - deny their claims and let Mexico who aided them in their journey address their fears or mass tent detentions center until their claims can be denied and then deported.

Mr. President - We Have Had Enough !!!

In A Nutshell… A judge has ruled, that the Trump Admin’s decision to end a program (daca) that was illegally implemented in the first place, is….(wait for it)… illegal. ARE YOU SERIOUS?
Judge John D. Bates said that the administration’s decision to terminate the program, was based on the “virtually unexplained” grounds that the program was “unlawful.
Not only that - he has ruled that this Administration must also start taking applications again?… This Judge is promoting lawlessness and he knows it.
Where was all this judicial ACTIVISM when Obama illegally implemented this program?!?!?
The Judge has given DHS 90 days to to better explain it’s reasoning for ending it. WHAT!!! You CANNOT make this stuff up!!!
So, while we wait to see what really happens at our southern border today with the caravan - in our interior, the judicial asinine nonsense continues.
Mr. President.
We The People are tired of this nonsense. We are tired of seeing the enforcement of our LAWS combated at every turn, all in the name of illegal alien foreigners.
We are tired of the judicial bias and actions to end the Obama pandering. We are tired of seeing YOUR DIRECTIVES being ignored and thrown under the bus.
Mr. President PLEASE hear us. Direct your focus on the lawlessness in play and…. END IT!
Really Folks - what good is it to elect -WITH OUR VOICES- our Presidential leaders if some federal judge sitting behind a desk, makes all the decisions anyways? Congress and the President make decision on illegal immigration - not some illegal alien loving Judge that posses a clear bias.

Caravan - The 500 to 600

Caravan - It is reported that 500 t0 600 continue with 50 showing up to play their ‘CREDIBLE FEAR/ASYLUM’ games, as we speak. Mexico lied and has not stopped a great deal of these future illegals, and I believe that Mexico is doing all they can to help them. Credible Fear - well they have spent days in Mexico, so they can just stay there.
Where is legislation by our fearless leaders to stop this instead of working to reward illegal aliens know as daca’s?
What good is it to send the Guard to the border if they - just like the Border Patrol - they are laughed at by those knowingly IN YOUR FACE playing games - our border enforcement that is NOT allowed to stop this lawlessness and invasion?
Men and Women on the front lines forced to believe their claims and then do an intake of sorts, which is UTTER B.S. There is NO WAY TO SCREEN THESE PEOPLE. What can be uncovered about each and everyone of them but their words… and the ones already in the system… well, they will just go down stream and enter.
Why even try to enter illegally unless you are a rapist, gang member, murderer etc. (many previously deported) just walk up to the line and spit out CREDIBLE FEAR and you are in like Flynn.
WHO WOULD NOT do this that wants to come and live of the American taxpayers?THIS MUST BE STOPPED!
There are claims some have been blocked entry - We shall see! Several links below for you - one a video

The Asinine Lawless Judicial Activism Continues

The ASININE LAWLESS Judicial Activism continues unabated.
CHICAGO — President Trump’s attempt to crack down on sanctuary cities was stymied again. The three-judge panel concluded the Trump administration exceeded its legal authority.

“The power of the purse rests with Congress,… THEY SAY!

Congress which authorized the federal funds at issue and did not impose any immigration enforcement conditions on the receipt of such funds.”… THEY CONTINUE

I SAY… Where is Congress?

Instead of pandering to illegal alien daca’s WHY is CONGRESS … NOT!!! (as these Judges stated) addressing the lawless sanctuary policy by using their authority of ‘The Power of The Purse’?

Apparently our safety, the rule of law and OUR VOICES just isn’t as important to Congress as illegal aliens.


New York, The Caravan, MS-13 and Those Ordered to Deport

New York, the Caravan, MS-13 and Those Ordered to Leave - All links below.
“We do not need pandering for illegals or comprehensive reform (amnesty) WHAT WE NEED IS ENFORCEMENT and THE WALL.” - Ruthie
While the invasion via a caravan continues, reporting states that more than 600 continue to head to our southern border to play the asylum game. Meanwhile, ICE in New York arrested via Operation Keep Safe 225 individuals, about 80 percent had prior criminal convictions or had charges pending for offenses including child sex crimes, weapons charges and assault, officials said.
600 pending minus 225 arrested = We Are Losing Ground!
As this plays out we are told that Gang Members like MS-13 were shielded from deportation and released back on the streets with YOU AND I, due to “sanctuary” policies last year, and…. recently Laura Ingraham discussed the catch and release lawlessness. NOTE: In 2017 the number of those with deportation orders as of May 21, 2016 was ***950,062.
Those are illegals told to deport that spit our laws and continue to do so.
We do not need pandering for illegals or comprehensive reform (amnesty) WHAT WE NEED IS ENFORCEMENT and THE WALL.

Calling Rep. Jeff Denham OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need to CALL OUT these Panderers and DEMAND ANSWERS!
TO: Rep. Jeff Denham, (working again for a daca fix) I am Calling You Out - I DEMAND answers! Please, by all means, feel free to CONTACT ME.
Four question (I have tons) for Rep. Jeff ‘Panderer’ Denham (R) - questions the President may wish to consider as well - going forward.
Know that a daca amnesty is nothing more than a MASSIVE AMNESTY and a message aiding continued illegal entry. You know it, I know, Denham knows it - EVERYONE knows it - but this truth is never shared.
1. Security - You say that a daca lawless reward must be addressed along with border security - why? Why do you CONTINUE to advocate for illegal aliens BEFORE ensuring American’s have national security? What is more important to you…. National Security or illegal aliens? And, do not say - “it just makes sense”…. that’s another lame talking point… nothing about your pandering makes sense.
2. Legislation - The PRESIDENT has said that daca is dead, a statement we expect the President to honor? Why do you continue to ignore and work against the President, Why new laws and legislation when you refuse to advocate for enforcement of current laws and legislation? Instead of your continuing daca loving efforts - where is publicly pushed legislation to combat the lawlessness of aiding and abetting - known as sanctuary and other measures? (crickets chirping).
3. Screening - Just who are you pandering for in the first place…what’s the number? How do you propose to screen the 30-year-old with a five-o’clock shadow illegal daca from the 30-year-old with a five-o’clock shadow illegal alien who just entered - ARE YOU SUGGESTING ‘PAPERS? The fake papers mills are already running and it should take the ACLU, an hour TOPS, to scream profiling ending any verification = mass amnesty.
4. Parents and other illegals - While you pander away with PUBLIC ADVOCACY for daca’s, we never hear anything ‘from you’ regarding the non daca illegal aliens… WHY NOT? Are you saying that daca will get a pass and everyone else will be deported? Are the deportation buses warming up as we speak? Do you really believe (in some make believe world) that daca’s will vote Republican as they watch their criminal Mommy and Daddy being deported? Many of the illegals and their supporters have said they will not accept that - nor will the Democrat’s and YOU KNOW IT - So DO WE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Bottom Line… A daca amnesty (which the President said is dead) is nothing more than a legislative tool for ‘THE PANDERER’S’ to grant a mass amnesty. Starting with daca’s, then their parents and family members who put them in this position in the first place, then moving on to care-givers, extend family members etc.
The PANDERING EFFORTS via a ….. “Forced House Vote” should not transpire - PERIOD! And for those who may consider this - WARNING…”The Devil is in the Details”.
This tactic is nothing more that amnesty for illegal aliens while ignoring the consequences to Americans and the rule of law… all the while continuing with their asinine, decades old, lying talking points of border security.
It Must End and it apparently is up to you and I to do so…
Rep. Jeff Denham - I look forward to hearing from you PERSONALLY very soon.

A 68 Year Old Vietnam Vet Murdered

A 68 year old Vietnam Vet Murdered
Robbed, tortured and murdered…. body dumped and burnt, this out of Hartford, California.
Fought for this Country thru his service in the Military - Vietnam, was seen as a nice man only to lose his life this way. Angering!!! Two links below - second link - Kenneth’s family members weigh in.
Stacie Mendoza, 38 and Jose Mendoza, 36, are accused of murdering Kenneth Coyle, 68. Neighbors said the victim was a nice man but stayed to himself. Officers said information led them to Mendoza/Jose Mendoza.
Although - as usual - immigration status is not provided… both were caught at the Los Angeles airport, by L.A. Airport Police, Jose had Coyle’s belongings on him and both had plane tickets to El Salvador.
Police said during questioning both Mendoza’s confessed to Coyle’s murder and told police they dumped and burned his body in Madera County.
*****NOTE: Police said children were with the suspects when they dumped Coyle’s body in Madera. YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY!
They now face charges including murder, torture, burglary, robbery, felonious elder abuse, and felonious child abuse.
Rest In Peace Mr. Coyle!!!!
What is it going to take?