A Special Thanksgiving Message and this weeks The Ruthie Report Show

Please join Ruthie Thursday, Nov. 17th, 2016 at 10 pm EST, 9 pm CST, 8 pm MST or 7 pm PST

Happy Thanksgiving to One and All

First - There will not be a LIVE show this week due to the airing night being that of Thanksgiving….instead last weeks program with Guest Michelle Dallacroce will be re-aired.

A excellent show discussing Michelle and Ruthie’s ‘rally cry’ to stay engaged.

Please watch for the Dec 1st show announcement and line-up.

Second - Thankful !!!!!

I am thankful for so many things - Hubby, Family and Friends -  Great Fellow Patriots who too have become so much like Family - Patriots standing strong in our quest to end the lawlessness, end illegal immigration and the crimes associated and to Secure Our Border.

What an awesome time to be thankful with the results of this past election and the future that lies ahead.

So much to be thankful for - please enjoy this Thanksgiving Time

From My Family and Myself to You and Your Families




Michelle Dallacroce on Our Work Ahead with a Trump Administration on The Ruthie Report

Please join Ruthie Thursday, Nov. 17th, 2016 at 10 pm EST, 9 pm CST, 8 pm MST or 7 pm PST

with Guest: Michelle Dallacroce

Michelle is still in this battle with future plans in the fire BUT TONIGHT…….

Michelle and I will discuss what we both see as the DIRE NEED for Patriots…

We The People to stay engaged now that we finally have a voice in the White House -

President Elect Donald Trump.

Michelle and I have been in this battle for some time now…not as long as but longer than others and we both agree that……We must not now go silent - we must not now rely on One Man to change years of lawlessness - years of broken promises and empty lies - years of an agenda we have fought tooth and nail to reverse…. We must instead continue to be Loud and Proud and support the One Man who had the courage to say what we have been demanding….. the One Man who not only heard our voices but is representing them.

Tonight Michelle and I will discuss our RALLY CRY to One and All, we will discuss the election and the road forward under a Trump Administration and what we feel it will mean to the battle we face - illegal immigration and more.

LONG AGO …I was offered a spot in this battle… by an awesome man named Paul W….. and started Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform and subsequently then added The Ruthie Report…. Thru Paul, I had the privilege of working only briefly with a woman named MARLENE -She quickly instilled in me a common phrase that she used OFTEN, which was……

Educate Activate and Motivate - and I thank her to this day.

Yes….The Time Has Come and continues now more than ever…. to Educate Activate and Motivate our fellow Americans while ensuring President Trump knows we have his back. Because we all know that the job that lays before President Trump will not only be contentious and exhausting (he has so much to do) but that there will be those working against his agenda - his message to the United States of America.

Michelle’s Bio

Michelle hails from Chicago, Illinois, and is the daughter and granddaughter of legal immigrants from Germany, Poland and Italy, who became US citizens.   Michelle is a United States Air Force Veteran, mother and wife who has dedicated and devoted her life to PROTECT AMERICAN FAMILIES against illegal immigration.

In 2005, Michelle founded, “Mothers Against Illegal Aliens” – (MAIA), and has been both Nationally and Internationally speaking to the dangers of an insecure border, anchor baby issues and unenforced laws and crime associated with illegal aliens in the USA. Michelle has been a frequent guest on many local news outlets, and National news networks including Fox News, CNN, and other syndicated and internet television and radio talk shows.

Michelle also received the title of Honorary Special Deputy for Sheriff Joe Arpaio of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), and previously volunteered with the Community Services Posse for MCSO.

Michelle is also a Minutemen who has physically been at the southern border “numerous time” over the last decade and has first hand experience and knowledge of the real dangers and challenges border patrol and the citizens and ranchers deal with on day to day basis.  Michelle has spoken throughout the country concerning these issues that encompass all areas of illegal immigration, including Phoenix, Arizona, Washington D.C., Chicago, and California.  She has also been noted in many different types of literature, and has been in the movies entitled,  “Cochise County USA:  Cries from the Border” and “Documented America – the “I” Word.” – With Liberty and Justice for ALL!



News for Nov 17th

Folks here is a portion of Trump’s 60 Minutes interview -

I want to STRESS TO YOU……………………

Trump is NOT going back on his promises of ‘The Wall’.
President Elect Trump did say prior to this interview while still campaigning for President - that there are areas that may need fencing - but we are building ‘The Wall’, and he said it again here…..

Here’s the Deal……
For those of you who may be somewhat new to this battle (but of course not to the bias media tricks and games)….. Ask anyone who lives in remote areas on our southern border - or those who have stood up proudly to defend it against drug and illegal entry ….. there are SELECTIVE areas where a secure fence would be better suited and I am not talking high traffic areas… I am talking remote areas where those attempting to enter have died in their quest due to the terrain.

To Sum it up - The Media approach is an insult to Our Intelligence…. President Trump would not build the wall only to not sufficently secure these selective few areas….. the games have begin. - Ruthie



An immigration hard-liner is joining Donald Trump’s transition team


Illegals demand Obama issue mass pardons amid Trump deportation fears


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan was unanimously nominated on Tuesday by his fellow Republicans for re-election as speaker in the new Congress next year, the House Republican Conference said on Twitter.



Ryan: ‘We are not planning on erecting a deportation force’


NOTE FOLKS besides this listed below ….Chicago, Minneapolis and Los Angeles…. San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, New York, apparently Santa Fe, Houston, Miami, Boston, Milwaukee and Philadelphia can also be added to this Lawless List.


Chicago reaffirms immigrant ‘sanctuary’ status after Trump’s win


Mpls. Mayor Responds to Trump’s Threat to Cut Funding to ‘Sanctuary Cities’

LAPD will not help deport immigrants under Trump, chief says


Detaining Haitians awaiting deportation to hurricane-ravaged homeland is not inexpensive


Feds: San Diego woman harbored 44 unauthorized immigrants, locking some in shed


Illegal Alien Construction Worker Crashes Into Car & Rapes Victim In Ditch

Manhunt continues in Stamford homicide case


Their dad is getting deported. Now they live in fear.




Don Rosenberg NEPA Lawsuit and Son killed by illegal alien on The Ruthie Report


Please join Ruthie Thursday, Nov. 10th, 2016 at 10 pm EST, 9 pm CST, 8 pm MST or 7 pm PST

with Guest: Don Rosenberg - Bio Below.

Father of Drew Rosenberg killed by an illegal alien (unnerving details see below) and Co Filer along with Immigration Reform Law Institute in two suits against the Federal Government, involving the environmental impacts and gross violation of environmental law of their mass immigration policies under the NEPA Guidelines

Don and Ruthie will have much to discuss - including Tuesdays nights results

Be Informed Folks

Spread the Word!



Man whose son was killed by illegal immigrant files two suits against feds


With the help of the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), I’m pursuing a complaint against DHS for refusing to consider the environmental impacts of its mass immigration policies, a gross violation of environmental law we argue. Under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), all federal agencies must take a “hard look” at every “major action” they commit to and produce for the public an environmental assessment which a) explores all potential impacts of the action, and b) considers all possible alternatives. Since the law was enacted in 1970, California’s population has doubled from 20 to 40 million and DHS (including its predecessor, Immigration and Naturalization Services), has never published a single report exploring the possible impacts associated with its immigration policies. As we argue in our brief, if the public knew the effects of runaway population growth maybe they would have rallied that much harder for tougher enforcement and lower immigration-levels. Having ignored their obligations under the statute for so long, this could be one the biggest environmental law violations ever committed in the nation’s history.



Drew was on his motorcycle coming home from school traveling south on Harrison Street.  Roberto Galo was travelling north on Harrison and had stopped at 16th street to make a left turn although he did not have his blinker on.

Trying to beat the oncoming traffic he quickly made a left hand turn colliding with Drew.  Drew and his bike went flying over the front of Galo’s car. Instead of stopping Galo accelerated and his right front tire drove over Drew’s abdomen. Drew’s helmet flew off. Some eyewitnesses said his helmet wedged under the cars tire stopping its forward progress others said it was the bike. Galo backed up driving over Drew a second time.

He then drove forward, attempting to flee, only stopping because the driver of the car on 16th street had gotten out of his car and bravely stood in front of Galo’s car with his hands up. Galo stopped with his right front tire on Drew’s abdomen. Five men had to lift the car off his body.


Sanctuary-city policy enables dangerous drivers


Don Rosenberg’s Bio:

Up until November 16, 2010 I had spent my entire life as an executive in the entertainment industry. I worked for the home entertainment divisions of HBO, CBS/Fox and Epic Productions. I ran the industry trade association and published entertainment trade magazines and produced entertainment trade shows. On November 16, 2010 all of that changed when my son Drew was killed by an illegal alien in San Francisco.

I spent much of the first year after his death “hounding” the San Francisco District Attorney’s office as they really didn’t care about seriously prosecuting this case. I then had to fight USCIS as they refused to deport Roberto Galo. “He’s only committed one crime of moral turpitude”, I was told.

I started out my public advocacy just trying to get unlicensed drivers off the road. It became apparent that the illegal alien lobby has convinced both local state – especially in California – that illegal aliens are so important (votes and cheap labor) that almost whatever they do criminally, even killing people, is just collateral damage in the battle for amnesty.

I’ve now spent almost five years researching this issue almost every day. I have testified in Sacramento numerous times, in front of the Los Angeles Police Commission, as an expert witness on hit and runs in front of the Los Angeles City Council Public Safety Commission appeared on many TV and radio programs and written testimony for the House and Senate Judiciary Committees in an attempt to get the truth about illegal immigration to the public.

I wish I knew nothing about this issue but unfortunately have become somewhat of an expert.



News for Nov 10th

To those who believed in this MOVEMENT….. To those who believed in the Man TRUMP…. To those who worked hard upfront and behind the SCENES…… To those who refused to give up and did not swallow the liberal MEDIA BIAS….. To those who dared to BELIEVE and DREAM of the possibilities for this GREAT NATION and its FUTURE…. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Let me sum it up with three words……..
Congratulations President Trump !!!!!!

Trump’s first-day agenda: Kill TPP, renegotiate NAFTA


What it will take for President Trump to deport millions and build the wall


Backs against the wall: Trump victory casts pall over Mexico


About 6.1 Million Illegals Filed Taxes in US – Many Didn’t Pay, Received Refunds


Survey Highlights Popularity of Immigration Enforcement
Majority want legal immigration cut by half or more

Posted WND and various other sources

Obama ‘encourages illegals to vote’
Fox anchor erupts: ‘You’re not a citizen of this country!’


Arizona’s Joe Arpaio ousted by voters, ending the 24-year run of ‘America’s toughest sheriff’


Uncle Charged In Death Of Child Found In Well; Was In US Illegally


Flawed Immigration Policy Begets Gang Violence


Seattle will remain sanctuary city for immigrants despite Trump presidency, mayor says


Venezuelan activist sentenced in Miami for immigration fraud




Join Ruthie on The Ruthie Report with only days before the election

Please join Ruthie Thursday, Nov. 3rd, 2016 at 10 pm EST, 9 pm CST, 8 pm MST or 7 pm PST

With the Election - an election that will change the future of this Great Nation one way…or the other…. a mere five days away…… I am electing to take the opportunity to go solo on this weeks show - November 3rd.

I will have the Lead Stories Segment and the Criminally &/or Insane Segment as always and then will with the time remaining share many of the issues in this election and how they relate to illegal immigration, The American Creed as well as where our future is headed if we do not choose wisely and vote in…………

Mr. Donald Trump as President of the United States of America

Please tune in and SPREAD THE WORD!!!


News for Nov 3


EXCLUSIVE: Agents Accuse Feds of Covering Up Record Border Detainee Numbers for 2016

October 27, 2016
Trump Is Correct: 30 to 40 Million Illegals Can Be Deported


Report: One new Immigrant for Every two U.S. Births in 2015


Tim Kaine to Conduct Arizona Rally in Spanish

Don Rosenberg will be my guest Nov 10th on The Ruthie Report


Man whose son was killed by illegal immigrant files two suits against feds


Harford sheriff to begin screening immigration status at county jail
Harford sheriff, ICE sign 287(g) agreement


The Border Patrol Wants to Buy American
The agents’ union is pushing to replace overseas producers.


Twice-deported illegal immigrant who was freed on bond after a DUI arrest ‘strangled to death his mother-of-five girlfriend’ just four days later


Second border agent assaulted in two weeks


HCSO: Sexual predators posed as music producers to lure teen


2 Charlotte-area MS-13 gang members sentenced to life in prison


Records: Customs and Border Protection busts marijuana smuggler twice in 3 days


Meth found hidden in tortillas at Nogales port


$1M of meth seized after Fayette Co. traffic stop


Wisconsin: Muslim mother & son indicted in $3,000,000 food stamp fraud


El Salvador’s security forces are now involved in more shootouts than Mexico’s