You and Your New Year Resolution and Ruthie this week on The Ruthie Report

THIS WEEK on The Ruthie Report:

You and Your New Years Resolutions and Ruthie this week on The Ruthie Report


Thursday, Dec. 29th, 2016 at 10 pm EST, 9 pm CST, 8 pm MST or 7 pm PST


That’s right - I would like to send 2016 out with …………..

Lead Stories Segment….The Criminally And/Or Insane Segment and then share …………

  1. YOUR Resolutions involving illegal immigration
  2. And/or your suggested Resolutions for President Elect Donald Trump

Please send me or post your Illegal Immigration/Secure Borders wishes and those you

may have for President Trump to [email protected] or post at Facebook at

Then tune in to heard what your fellow Patriots thoughts are and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Please do send them - I so what to read and share your RESOLUTIONS!!!

(I will use your first name only)


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News for Dec 29th
NAS Report: Amnesty for Unlawful Immigrants Would Cost Trillions
County Ends ‘Sanctuary’ Policy Before Trump Inauguration


Sanctuary City Status ‘A Great Way to Start New Year’, Says Mayor

Memo From Middle America | Is Mexico Ready To Receive Deportees From Trump’s America?

Showdown looms between Trump administration, sanctuary cities
Surge in foreign students may be crowding Americans out of elite colleges
U.S. Border Patrol strikes a deal to put Echodyne’s drone radar system to the test
by Alan Boyle on December 21, 2016 at 8:43 pm
(Video) Patriots Assaulted By LA County Security for Opposing Aid to Illegal Aliens, Trying to Talk to County Supervisor

Police: Three Mexican nationals kidnapped, held for ransom at South West Side home
Enforcement and Removal
ICE arrests 74 in 2-state enforcement operation targeting convicted criminals
Rutherford County sheriff’s major suspended after allegedly lying about citizenship
Administration hasn’t been using program since 2011
Court documents: Undocumented immigrant’s body was ‘posed for others to see’


Mexican Officials Admit to Bribery Scheme in Texas

Former Zapata Co. Sheriff Weighs in on Recent Falcon Lake Shooting


Woman accused of selling fake driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants


Ohio Muslim shoots daughter 3 times in head, claims ‘accident’
Attorney says suggestion of honor killing is ‘racist’

From Chicago

Alex Negron fatally overdosed in an abandoned building in February. He was just one of a number of addicts who have been sent by authorities in Puerto Rico to Chicago, ostensibly to get treatment for their addictions.

The reality, according to WBEZ reporter Odette Yousef, is that most end up at unregulated and unlicensed storefront “treatment centers.” Addicts are crowded into dirty rooms where they sleep on mattresses on the floor. There are also allegations that the operators of these treatment centers are stealing addicts IDs, possibly to re-sell.


November 2016

Clearing the public square

Since the late 1990s, pastors, police, and mayors in Puerto Rico have been sending hundreds of heroin addicts, many of them HIV-positive, to Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and other cities.

The officials work with mainland ministers, some of whom travel from Philadelphia to the island to recruit addicts, offering drug treatment based on abstinence and prayer.

In more than 120 interviews with people in Puerto Rico, Philadelphia, and elsewhere, the Inquirer has tracked a pattern of exploitation from the Caribbean to North Philadelphia that has increased the numbers of homeless and HIV-positive people in the city, torn apart families, and confounded advocates.

The practice is known as Air Bridge. A few critics call it a form of human trafficking.
Puerto Rico


Christmas Wishes from Ruthie

- To the families and friends who have lost a loved one at the hands of an illegal alien - so preventable - those… who struggle with their loss during the holiday season - primarily at Christmas … may you find comfort in those around you and some peace - Merry Christmas

- For those who have no one to share the season’s celebration with - hope for  changes in that reality in the seasons to come - Merry Christmas

- For our Brave Men and Women of the Armed Forces and those such as Border Patrol who are on the front lines defending this great Nation that will not be home with their families instead serving our Country with Dignity and Pride - Merry Christmas

- AND TO YOU - Fellow Patriots, Friends and Awesome Ruthie Report Listeners…..

Thank you for all you do - for all you will do in the future and for tuning in - Merry Christmas

From my Family and Myself to You and Your Family

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (should be quite exciting)


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Christmas Week Special Jessica Vaughan on The Ruthie Report

Christmas Week Special………………

GUEST: Jessica Vaughan Director of Policy Studies at the Center For Immigration Studies.


First …. To One and All……

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please join Ruthie with her Guest Jessica Vaughan as they discuss the following and

so much more. - very informative show


How Trump’s Plan to Deport Criminal Illegal Aliens Would Work


ICE spends $100 million ferrying illegal immigrant children around U.S., watchdog says


Feds Strip Millions from Health Programs to House Migrant Kids


U.S. Border Patrol agents grapple with sudden surge of Central American migrants


Graham preparing ‘Dreamers’ bill



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News for Dec 22nd

INSANE WINNER OF THE WEEK - “you have got to be kidding me - Ruthie”

Obama lectures Trump on executive orders
‘Going through the legislative process is always better in part because it’s harder to undo’


I shared this information with you last week from a different source - but it is important to know what invasion is taking place right this moment

1,574 PER DAY: Border Agents Struggle Under New Wave of Illegal Aliens


Obama Has Refused to Deport 820,000 Illegal Immigrants Guilty of Murder, Rape, Drug Offenses, and Other Crimes


Advocates for Illegal Aliens Declare War on the American Justice System


Displaced Tech Workers Sue Disney Again


California Democrats Introduce Legislation to Undermine Immigration Enforcement


Los Angeles Plans $10M ‘Legal Fund’ for Illegal Immigrants

A Call from Independent Womens Voice Heather Madden and Others
[email protected]

Cali’s Effort to Add Illegal Immigrants to ObamaCare May Fail

Dear Ruthie,

Irrespective of what may happen to ObamaCare when President-elect Trump and the new Congress are sworn in, it looks like an effort in California to open up ObamaCare to illegal immigrants is going to fail:

Time is running out for the administration to approve California’s push to allow illegal immigrants to use its Obamacare exchange, likely dooming the effort as President Obama prepares to hand the reins over to President-elect Donald Trump.

Please click on the social media icons below to share this important story with your family and friends:

California push to cover illegals under Obamacare may fail


Chicago Creates Legal Fund for Illegal Aliens


AZ judge sets inauguration day for hearing on licenses for immigrants

Some have said that “the overspill violence seen in Mexico would never get … that bad here” and yet we see a beheading and genitals missing from a man found behind a Walmart in New Mexico….. and whether suggestions by some, including this piece at Breibart, are correct in associating this gruesome murder with the Mexican Drug Cartels or not….
THAT VIOLENCE … IS ALREADY here and has been for some time.

It is time we rid it from our Nation…. Secure The Border, Enforce our Current Immigration Laws - NO AMNESTY and Remove from Our Soil….Illegal Aliens starting with drug cartel members.

Beheaded, Castrated Man Found Outside Walmart Store
Los Zetas Beheading
Breitbart Texas/ Cartel Chronicles


A mother of four vanished in June. Police say her husband — and his other wife — killed her.


Undocumented immigrant flees fiery crash


Border Patrol seizes $3M from cars headed to Mexico




U.S. Attorneys » Eastern District of Pennsylvania » News
Department of Justice
U.S. Attorney’s Office
Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Friday, December 16, 2016
Bucks County Judge, Lower Southampton Director Of Public Safety, And Pennsylvania Deputy Constable Charged With Conspiracy And Money Laundering


Grand Prairie Trucker Finds Undocumented Immigrants on His Roof

Do you believe this guy’s comment - the comment from an employed Against the law) illegal alien about American workers….

quote by illegal alien Israel……!!!!!!!!!!!!!
“We’ve never seen any Americans carrying cement, picking up stone, working from sunup to sundown,” Israel said. “Never.”

In Texas, undocumented immigrants have no shortage of work



Rusty Monsees from the Border on What Is Transpiring on The Ruthie Report

Rusty Monsees from the Border on What Is Transpiring on The Ruthie Report

Busy with Christmas preparations and finding it hard to stay informed?

Tune In…The Ruthie Report will keep you informed - Live and Archived

Thursday, Dec. 15th, 2016 at 10 pm EST, 9 pm CST, 8 pm MST or 7 pm PST


December 15th - Rusty Monsees - Patriot that lives on the border at the Rio Grande just across from Matamoros, Mexico.

December 22nd - Christmas Week - Jessica Vaughan Director of Policy Studies at the

Center For Immigration Studies.

Rusty is in the thick of it living on the border…. in recent weeks he has been ‘asked’

several times to leave his ranch for issues of concern…he has spoke with those on the ground about beneficial border security programs that have been halted… and is seeing the increased influx of illegal entry that we continue to hear about.

Rusty and I will discuss it and get the truth out to you!

Rusty’s Bio:


Rusty Monsees is 68 years old and lives on 21 acres in the deep south sub tropical climes of Brownsville, TX . His property was purchased by his parents in 1940 and it borders the boundary with Mexico at The Rio Grande just across from Matamoros Mexico. Rusty… a proud Texan is a stand up, down to earth kind of guy. He has been in law enforcement and has been a business owner..

Rusty complains that the so-called border fence runs north to south instead of east to west (go figure that one lol) and that it also cuts his property in two pieces.. Rusty is experiencing trespassers and trafficking on a regular basis and his property is littered with trash. He also says he can hear gun battles raging across the river.

Rusty wants to know where is the extra security that Governor Abbott promised and is also concerned about the way our honorable Border Patrol (who Rusty affectionaltely calls his ‘Angels in Green”) is being placed in harms way with their hands tied behind their backs by ridiculous regulations.


News for Dec 15th

Trump picks retired Gen. John Kelly to lead Homeland Security Department
John Kelly

ICE spends $100 million ferrying illegal immigrant children around U.S., watchdog says


Fearing Trump crackdown, “dreamers” advised to end travel


Trump’s Border Wall: Bill was already passed and signed Into law


San Fran to Spend Millions of Tax Dollars on Lawyers for Illegal Immigrants?


State court upholds UC tuition, aid for immigrants here illegally

Calif Man on Carlson Tucker
…wants a Calibrexit of sorts - but clearly by watching this interview - this persons
main focus point and objective is illegal immigration…. he would not answer questions
like would Calif as its own Country support or ban nuclear weapons - just illegal aliens —
what he called diversity but with a secure border and rules of course - ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Organizers call for Californian secession in wake of Donald Trump election


Illegal migration hits new high in November as families surge across border


Tackling Sanctuaries, Prioritizing Public Safety


Illegal Alien Deported 8 Times Killed Two Women In Drunken Hit-And-Run

Conservative Daily

Fact: Congress Just Killed Two Innocent Women


Suspect In Deaths Of Two Women In Kentucky Was Deported Eight Times

Note only a few are reporting he is a new Muslim arrival (Asylum game player) other news
source by all I can tell - did not report the whole story …like KSTP!

Recent Somali Migrant Charged With Criminal Sexual Conduct in Minnesota
Polk County, Minnesota Sheriff’s Department


2 Honduran Sex Offenders Busted After Crossing Border Again


Immigrant freed after Missouri no-bail law struck down

Reactivated ??? Huh????…..why weren’t they destroyed in the first place?

2 border tunnels found leading from Mexico into U.S.


(NOTE: Seeing that immigration status was not provided - the media and reporters leave us
no other alternative than to assume…. I assume ILLEGAL ALIEN
Ruthie )

PD: Man hired to put up Christmas lights allegedly robs homeowner


Mother seeks sanctuary from deportation in Denver church
Has been holed up in church since Nov. 28


Mexican teen in custody after $1.1M Texas marijuana seizure

Jason Hoyt Author of Consent of the Governed on The Ruthie Report

Jason Hoyt Author of Consent of the Governed on The Ruthie Report

This week:

Thursday, Dec. 8th, 2016 at 10 pm EST, 9 pm CST, 8 pm MST or 7 pm PST

I had the awesome opportunity to hear Jason Hoyt give a presentation at The Remembrance Project First Annual Convention in Houston in September …. Fantastic.

Please join Jason and Ruthie to hear “The People’s Guide to Holding Government Accountable.

They will discuss current issues within the illegal immigration debacle and how we can stop the insanity and return governing by our consent.

Jason W. Hoyt is an author, speaker, radio-show host, blogger, media guest, commentator and has been referred to as a motivator, strategist and thought-leader working to ensure his audience, readers, listeners and fellow patriots focus on God, the Constitution and the proper role of government with a never-ending & tireless pursuit of the Truth, no matter where it may lead.

In 2015, Jason formed Liberty Restoration Publishing, Inc. to publish his first book, Consent of the Governed - The People’s Guide to Holding Government Accountable.

In the book, Jason explores the concept of ‘accountability in government’ and determines we’ve been trained to think the only way we can hold the government accountable is by waiting for the next election.  Jason uncovers the most powerful word in the Constitution, demonstrates how it was hijacked but shows how We The People can act as a sword and shield, protecting against wrongful accusations and reaching inside the government to root out corruption.

Jason has been actively involved in politics since 2003 volunteering with the Orange County Young Republicans and the Orange County Republican Executive Committee.  God put him in the right place at the right time, though, as he participated on the original conference calls that launched the nationwide tea party movement in February 2009.

Since then, Jason has worked with and is respected by patriot groups throughout central Florida, the state of Florida and across the country.

In 2011, he won the Americans For Prosperity “Freedom Fighter” Award and the FreedomWorks “Sons & Daughters of Liberty” Award for his service to the great cause of Liberty.

Jason co-founded and co-hosted the “Tea Party Patriots Live” radio show in central Florida and began hosting American Patriots Radio in early 2012 which can be heard on several new-media platforms on the web and your mobile device.  You can learn more about the radio show, his journey through America’s Great Awakening and about his book at