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Dear Members
Undernews of the week: TPS extension for immigrants from Honduras and Nicaragua
On Wednesday, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano announced that she was extending the legal status of immigrants from Honduras and Nicaragua for another 18 months. The action was purportedly taken to allow the countries more time to recover from a hurricane. If you’re having trouble remembering a huge hurricane that hit the region recently, it’s not you. The disaster which led to the deportation halt, Hurricane Mitch, took place in the fall of 1998—more than 14 years ago.
Stats show surge in illegal immigrant border traffic despite Napolitano claims

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/04/05/stats-show-surge-in-illegal-immigrant-border-traffic-despite-napolitano-claims/#ixzz2Q23LDxWP

Mexican, U.S. Media Too Scared To Cover Border Crime
Gang of 8 to Block Amendments on Immigration Reform?
The Washington Post is out with a report implying the Gang of 8 is working to block amendments to final legislation, delaying the release of a reform plan:


Flaw in Gang of Eight’s Plan Could Cost Taxpayers Trillions

Friday, April 5, 2013, 9:48 AM EDT - posted on NumbersUSA

Sen. Sessions

Section 212 of the Immigration and Nationality Act requires that legal immigrants demonstrate that they won’t be a public charge before they’re granted entry into the United States. However, according to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) the bill being drafted by the Gang of Eight that will offer instant legal status and work permits to the 11-19 million illegal aliens living in the country won’t subject amnestied illegal aliens to the public charge rule, which could cost taxpayers trillions of dollars.
Most welfare programs require the recipient to be a green card holder or a U.S. citizen, so illegal aliens that receive an amnesty won’t be eiligible for certain programs. But they will be eligibile for Social Security if they’ve legally worked the required 40 quarters to receive the benefit and they’ll be eligibile for beneifts under the Affordable Care Act.

Patriot Day Rally, 1,500 Pages for this Amnesty Bill WHAT

Dear Members
Immigration proposal could be delayed
Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he hopes a deal can be reached “in the next couple of weeks.” A GOP Senate aide involved in the negotiations said a deal is unlikely this week because writing the bill, which is expected to be up to 1,500 pages, is going slowly.
Patriots Day Rally in Minnesota
The rally is to honor all American patriots past, present and future who have and will uphold our constitution and the precious God given rights and liberties enshrined in it that protect our freedoms and liberties as citizens. This event will also be a time to network and build our strength to oppose those that would like to turn our state and country into a socialist state.

James E. Brunsgaard, III

USN Ret. OIF I Vet.
Post Commander VFW Post
Poll: Majority of voters want the military sent to the border

Jeff Schwilk on the NEW SDSB - The Ruthie Report April 11th

Please join Ruthie this week April 11th, 2013 with
8:00 Lead Stories — 8:30 Criminal and or Insane — 9:00 The Guest
What Jeff and Ruthie will be discussing is a new group the San Diegans for Secure Borders - Several seperate entities have joined together in one voice - SDSB.
A concept that must spread across the nation.

The website is www.SDSB.weebly.com

What is SDSB and what is Their Mission:

San Diegans for Secure Borders is a diverse, non-partisan coalition of grass roots civic and activist groups in the San Diego area working hard to make our region a better and safer place to live, work, and thrive. We support strong border security along with our ports and coastline, as well as the full enforcement of our federal immigration laws to protect the U.S. and our citizens from foreign threats.

Mission: To push Congress to draft and pass true immigration reform that solves the illegal immigration problem, prevents future illegal immigration, and restores the integrity of our generous system of traditional, legal immigration. Legal immigrants who work hard and play by the rules deserve nothing less than a safe and secure America. 
No amnestySecure our border and enforce our immigration laws first.


Jeff’s BIO:

Jeff a Border & Immigration Security Analyst

has been fighting illegal immigration for 8 years in San Diego. He founded the San Diego Minutemen in 2005 and the SoCal Patriot Coalition in 2009. His latest collaborative project is the San Diegans for Secure Borders Coalition which has brought together the top immigration activists and experts in San Diego County along with numerous local tea party and patriot groups to fight for immigration and border enforcement and against any amnesty bills that Congress tries to pass.


Jeff served 21 years in Marine Corps Intelligence and retired in 2003. He lives in Oceanside, California.



6:00 pm PST - 8:00 pm CST - 9:00 pm EST

Call-in Number: 1-917-388-4520

via “The Truth Squad”

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BE HEARD April 10th - Your Voice is NEEDED

Many of us cannot simply make it to Washington DC to speak with our Representatives.
We have no one paying for the buses and rides. Many of us are working or financially unable to pay for such a visit - unable to just show up on any particular day.
(right before the release of the thing called an Amnesty Bill)
And, while we work or struggle to make ends meet - to pay all those taxes that are utilized by those who apparently have gobs of time and financial resourses at their disposal
you and I are out of sight - out of mind
Lets make sure our voices are heard
PLEASE MAKE YOUR CALLS April 10th, 2013 to as many in Congress as you can
Above is a link via Numbers USA for contact info
Below is the call to action by FAIR
Open Borders Lobby Plans Amnesty Rally
On Wednesday, April 10, the open borders lobby plans to bus-in illegal aliens and pro-amnesty protestors from all over the country to participate in a rally on Capitol Hill to advocate for citizenship for the nation’s 11-12 million illegal aliens. Taking place on the west lawn of the U.S. Capital Building in Washington D.C., a coalition of pro-amnesty organizations and unions — including By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) and the United Farm Workers of American (UFW) — will be taking part in the rally. (See Citizenship-Now Website)
The rally is strategically planned to coincide the Senate Gang of Eight’s introduction of its “comprehensive” immigration reform bill this week. To tell your Senators and Representative you oppose these efforts to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, click here.
On Wednesday, pro-amnesty activists are descending on Capitol Hill to lobby for the Gang of 8’s immigration amnesty bill.
Let’s challenge their efforts with a national call-in day and make sure that while our elected officials are visiting with the pro-amnesty lobbyists, their phones are ringing off the hook!
FAIR has all the information you need to find your Members’ numbers and express your opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens compiled for you in our activist toolkit. Check it out now: http://fairus.org/NoAmnesty.
Invite all your friends and make plans now to call your Senators and Representative on Wednesday during your lunch hour!

Cruz opposes pathway to legalization, Furloughs, AFL-CIO and more

Future Flemington, NJ Public Notices to be English-Only
The Associated Press says it is no longer appropriate for reporters to use the term
“illegal immigrant.”
The organization announced that its AP Stylebook — the language and grammar guide
used by news organizations across the country — will immediately stop approving the


We have been saying illegal aliens could care less about citizenship - they just want
the threat of deportation removed - but this article puts another spin on it - Ruthie

BREAKING: Furloughs and Cutting of Manpower at the Border to Be Reconsidered

So, I guess all the unemployed Americans and Legal Residents unable to secure fulltime employment or employment at all are just….. CHOPPED LIVER !!!!! As we have been saying for years … it’s all about cheap labor and votes - Ruthie

from the article………..
We’re feeling very optimistic on immigration: Aspiring Americans will receive the road map to citizenship they deserve and we can modernize ‘future flow’ without reducing wages for any local workers, regardless of what papers they carry,” AFL-CIO spokesman “Future flow” refers to future arrivals of legal immigrants.
Under the emerging agreement between business and labor, a new “W” visa program would bring tens of thousands of lower-skilled workers a year to the country. The program would be capped at 200,000 a year, but the number of visas would fluctuate


Family Unification Plan is what this article is eluding to without saing it - What it will do is further reward illegal aliens who will get an amnesty pass with even more rewards - bringng their famly members. So the 12-15 million will (being conservative in the numbers) be more like 36-45 million - simply by just adding two for each illegal (seeing some families are already here and averaging 2 individuals for the ones who have not yet spit on our laws) 12-15 million will now become 36-45 million conservatively speaking = TREASON - Ruthie


Massive increase in illegal entry, Our Sovereignty and more

Our Sovereignty is being thrown down the toilet - Ruthie
Byron York: Border security doubts could kill immigration plan
We’ve come to a basic agreement,” Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., said Sunday, talking about the Gang of Eight’s progress crafting a comprehensive immigration reform bill. “First, people will be legalized … then we will make sure the border is secure … and after that happens, there’s a path to citizenship.”
Mexican Drug Cartels Operating Inside American Borders
Illegal Border Crossings Double, Border Becomes Less Secure as Beltway Gets Close to Deal on Immigration Reform
“We’ve seen the number of illegal aliens double, maybe even triple since amnesty talk started happening,” an agent told Townhall, who asked to remain unnamed due to fears of retaliation within Customs and Border Protection [CBP], something he said is common. “A lot of these people, although not the majority, are criminals or aggravated felons. This is a direct danger to our communities.”
Exclusive: Footage Shows Dangerous and Illegal Drug Cartel Activity in Arizona
As illegal immigration picks up with rumors of amnesty on Capitol Hill and as Customs and Border Protection reconsiders cutting manpower and patrols at the border, Townhall has obtained exclusive footage of dangerous and illegal activity in the Arizona desert close to the border with Mexico.
First, footage dated March 7, 2013 from a Border Patrol surveillance camera shows a group of illegal immigrants working for Mexican cartels loading drugs into the trunk of a car in the Arizona desert.

Checking Amnesty Applications
Would Cost $20 Billion

WASHINGTON, DC (April 2, 2013) — Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano pledged last week that if Congress were to approve an amnesty, the illegal immigrants applying for legalization would bear the administrative costs. She told RealClearPolitics, “I can tell you that [in] advising the White House, there were ways to deal with [the costs] without getting a big number that CBO would have to score.”
A new report by the Center for Immigration Studies estimates the administrative cost of properly vetting each amnesty applicant, and thus the necessary fee level. Although no bill has yet been introduced, looking at earlier amnesty proposals and existing screening systems suggests what would be involved.
Among the findings:

  • The average cost to the government of processing an amnesty application would be about $2,000 per person.
  • This is an average; assessing some applications would be more complex, and costly, than others.
  • If 10 million illegal immigrants were to apply for amnesty, that would mean the government would need to recoup $20 billion in fees.
  • This does not include any back taxes or fines that might also be required.

A fee of $2,000 per application would represent more than 20 percent of the annual per capita median income of illegal immigrant households. Any fee below that level, or any fee waivers (which are widely granted by US Citizenship and Immigration Services), would mean that taxpayers would bear at least part of the cost of processing amnesty applicants.
The complete report, by CIS Fellow David North, is online at http://cis.org/what-would-it-really-cost-to-really-check-an-amnesty-application
Contact: Marguerite Telford
202-466-8185[email protected]

C and I - action alert and WARNING graphic post included

Minneapolis: Driver charged in bicyclist’s hit-and-run death
Immigration status not given - enough of only reporting half of the details
Considered as an illegal alien until the media starts doing their job
Second prosecutor murdered in two months in Texas county
Illegal alien wanted for murder of pregnant woman found hiding in North Carolina
Report: Six drug cartels currently operating in Texas
A California border patrol agent pleaded guilty Thursday to taking bribes in exchange for letting illegal immigrants into the U.S.
According to court records, Hector Rodriguez confessed that from 2010 until his arrest on July 13, 2012 he received bribes such as cash, luxury vehicles and the use of an apartment for allowing illegal immigrants to pass through his inspected lane at the San Ysidro Port-of-Entry.
Why is it we hear about beheading and violence like this in other Third World Countries but not from the third world Country of Mexico, violence, that is not thousands of miles away – but just over our southern border. This is just one example much like the recent post I shared where the Knights Templar murdered seven people guilty of the heinous crime of begging for money and washing windschields.
And yet, what do we hear from Obama, Janet Napolitano and the rest of the minions…. that border security in not a pre-condition for amnesty. INCOMPETENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There must be no amnesty – no reward for lawlessness.
The citizens of Mexico - USA’s illegal aliens - need to leave. They need to return home and aid their fellow Countryman in their homeland and take their Country back ……….. NOT OURS!!!!!!!!!!!
We will not allow our Country to become the violent cesspool that Mexico is.


This action is being called by Dave Gibson, NCFIRE, Tea Party Immigration Coalition and The Ruthie Report/Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform with others joining in this call to action.
We are asking Everyone to join us in the Action Alert, that you share it with other groups combating illegal immigration/crime, with your family and friends, in emails, face book and other forms of communication.
The facts will anger you - We Will Not Be Silent - Time Has Come.
The crime:

Multiple counts of first degree statutory sex offense

with a child under age 13.
The suspected offender:

Jose Guadalupe Ramirez-Ambriz, 38

Criminal Record

: in both Utah and Oregon and 3 DUI’s in North Carolina

Point of Contact is Jeff Sessions and then your Federal Representatives
Jeff Sessions
Washington, D.C.
326 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510 -0104
Main: (202) 224-4124
Fax: (202) 224-3149
This crime - unlike others reported of a sexual nature and the hands of an illegal alien-
differs due to the fact that ICE had the subject in custody.
His release was due to the work and request of an advocacy group:
North Carolina Immigrant Rights Project

and the attorney working with this group

Marty Rosenbluth

who actively advocated for this criminal illegal aliens release.

It is an unbelievable miscarriage of justice and a child has paid the price.
Directly below are two links with which to familiar yourselves with this utterly maddening and completely preventable crime. What follows the links - is a summary of questions that can and should be asked with regards to yet another illegal alien -
on the run.
Illegal alien child-rape suspect was actually released by ICE in 2011 (Part I and II)


A sample of questions which to add to your questions.
1. We have been told repeatedly (lied to) that criminal illegal aliens will be incarcerated until after serving time for their crimes will be deported. Why are we releasing criminal illegal aliens back on our streets - posing a danger to society?
2. Why were the pleas of an attorney, who is clearly in violation of his profession and the RULE OF LAW granted over our safety. And, should Rosenbluth be charged with aiding and abetting not to mention possibly as an accessory - for his role in the release of the illegal alien
3. Does Rosenbluth feel any guilt or claim any responsibility for his actions in aiding and abetting an already (prior to this disgusting crime) criminal illegal alien that resulted in the sexual assault of a child.
4. What role did Alfie Owens Chief Counsel with ICE play in this release and should he be held as accountable along with Marty Rosenbluth?
5. Why were the prosecutors in Alamance County, NC told that he was being deported when clearly that was not the case and who made this false statement?
6. Why was he still in the United States in the first place. Was Ramirez-Ambriz’s stay of deportation and released as an incentive to give false testimony against the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office who was being accused of racial profiling and discrimination against unlicensed Latino drivers - apparently doing the job that Washington will not do.
7. How far up the ladder do these accusations lead?
Bottom line - a criminal illegal alien with convictions in Utah and Oregon and three DUI’S in North Carolina alone was in custody. Due to the demands of an attorney from an advocacy group the North Carolina Immigrant Rights Project under the disguse of prosecutorial discretion - an illegal criminal alien was released - now wanted for the heinous sex crime of a child under the age of 13.
This should outrage the nation - people should be questioned - forced to provide answers to those questions and held accountable for their actions.
Illegal aliens - once they have entered, while ignoring our laws - then turn around and use our judicial system against the law abiding American Citizen.
This nonsense must stop……. It is time we utilize our judicial system to punish those committing these crimes and those who played a role in advocating for their release

Knights Templar, Operation Detour II, TBV report

Please join Ruthie this week at 8-10 pm CST April 4th, 2013
NOTE: at 8:30 - Jim from the Texas Border Volunteers will be on the show to give us an ‘Special Update’ on what they are seeing for illegal entry - without giving anything away - the news is not good - mass invasion for amnesty is in full gear
Rusty will join the show at 9 pm CST
We will be discussing …………………………
Operation Detour II - http://operationdetour2.com/
Also we will be discussing the increased cartel violence not only in Mexico
but in the U.S. as well. I have asked Rusty to share with us information on
a particular group this week - The Knights Templar
here is a recent story on the group
6:00 pm PST - 8:00 pm CST - 9:00 pm EST

Call-in Number: 1-917-388-4520

via “The Truth Squad”

Click here and then on The Ruthie Report

URL: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/marti-oakley


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