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Where Do We Go From Here
March 4th, 2015
Ruthie Hendrycks
By now you have heard that the Republican Party voted with the minority Democratic Party … this time to fund Obama’s lawless amnesty. In essence - once again - the GOP is showing supporters that campaign promises prior to the November 2014 elections were nothing more than mere words…. Broken by their actions - lies!!!!!!!!!!

IRS Defends Paying Refunds to Illegals — Who Never Filed Taxes!

March 2, 2015 9:30 am
Boehner, Priebus Ex-Chiefs of Staff Air Ads to Pressure Conservatives Resisting Executive Amnesty
by Matthew Boyle2 Mar 2015Washington, DC2503
Another Phone call to make Folks
Remember what Reince Priebus said this two days before the Nov 2014 elections? Make us the majority and we will stop Obama’s amnesty (direct quote below) Only to now find that he and Boehner bought ads to pressure amnesty funding ……… WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!
Call Priebus and share with the lying weasel your thoughts on the future of the GOP
If Priebus says he cannot change or interfere with legislation and Representative voting by GOP members THEN WHY was he out there making promises he had no control over and NO RIGHT to make?
I have already called and left my message - told him to call me so we could talk - not holding my breathe…. If you want feel free to tell him Ruthie sent you.
310 First Street SE, Washington, DC 20003 202-863-8500
RNC please email:
DHS approved 100,000 expanded amnesty applications before judge halted program
Breaking…WH Plans to Develop a “Country Within a Country” of 15 Million “New Americans”
by Sara Noble • February 28, 2015
Democrats Apologize After Fundraising Off of Fake DHS Shutdown
GOP Rep. Goes Off on Conservatives: ‘I’ve Had It With This Self-Righteous, Delusional Wing of the Party’
Feds crack down on Chinese ‘birth tourism’
William La Jeunesse

Texas officials warn of immigrants with terrorist ties crossing southern border

February 26
Illegal alien child rapers(confirmed and highly probable) continued
their unabated assault on our states’ children in February.

81 individuals amassed 405 separate charges of child rape for the month!

We are now well over 5,000 child rape charges for the previous 15 months.

Read the current report here:

Be sure to see “Current NCFIRE Projects” below for the previous 15 months worth of child rape charges.

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Vermont’s investigation into licenses-for-illegals fraud spreads to multiple states, DMV offices
By Vermont Watchdog
Was The Gang Member Who Murdered Former ‘America’s Top Model’ Contestant An Obama **********************************************
Leaked Report: Deported Illegal Aliens Freely Jump Border to Commit Crimes - See more at:
News Another ‘DREAMER’ Has Raped a Child in North Carolina
Another ‘DREAMER’ Has Raped a Child in North Carolina
Dave Gibson 03/04/2015News
Feb 28th
15 tons of marijuana seized in record-breaking bust at California border crossing