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Muslims in Minnesota
Why are we paying for anything - if they are criminals? LAWLESS!!!
Do you believe this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time has come Folks - come hell or high water this has to STOP and STOP NOW
Joke’s On Us – English-Speaking Obamacare Clerks Paid Half As Much As Foreigners
Coulter Calls For 10 Year Immigration Ban
This State’s Governor Just Made a Huge Move to Cut Welfare for Non-Citizens… He Needs Our Support
Signs of Life For Immigration Reform
More Guest Workers…… guess the subject of educating our own first or all those currently unemployed and those who have given up trying to find employment - JUST ARE NOT PART OF THE DISCUSSION
House GOP Blocks Obama Administration On Immigration
ORLANDO, Fla. — The employees who kept the data systems humming in the vast Walt Disney fantasy fief did not suspect trouble when they were suddenly summoned to meetings with their boss.
President of Americans First Dan Rose will be my guest on The Ruthie Report June 18th
Fighting for Social and Economic Justice for American Citizens
Poll Shows Noncitizens Can Shape Elections
I can hardly believe this…………………………
From the article
However, the exhibit paints the illegal aliens as the heroes of this new immigration saga, individuals only seeking work and to be reunited with family. The new exhibit also portrays Border Patrol agents and the Park Service’s own rangers, whose job it is to defend the integrity of the U.S. borders, as the bad guys who, by securing the parts of the border that were routinely breached, force these individuals into “remote and dangerous terrain”.
Visitors to Ellis Island will learn that the Mexico-U.S. border has been “militarized” and that our law enforcement officers, as opposed to those breaking our laws, are responsible for hardships illegal immigrants may encounter. From the exhibit:
This fortification [of the border] has pushed men, women, and even children, who seek to cross on foot without documentation, even deeper into remote and dangerous terrain. They cross deserts and mountain ranges on foot and swim contaminated irrigation ditches. They crawl through sewer pipes and tunnels. To find work and reunite with family members, hundreds risk their lives every week to reach the United States.
National Park Service Signs on to Obama’s Pro-Illegal Immigrant Agenda
Bob Eggle, the father of Kris Eggle, a National Park Service ranger killed by an illegal alien who entered this country on foot via the southern border, had this to say: “I am aghast at the new exhibit’s ignorance of the terrorist threat and insensitivity to the hard work and safety risks faced by those representing the National Park Service. Those wishing to reunite with family are just a subset of the many who are crossing our southern border.”
Continued Eggle: “I am also appalled that NPS bureaucrats would so obviously malign the efforts of my son, other LE [law enforcement] rangers, and Border Patrol agents who have been tasked to protect and control our borders. My son valiantly strived to do this up to the day of his ambushed murder by an illegal who came across our border.”
Bonnie Eggle - Kris Eggle’s Mom is not only a friend and a fellow Sister Patriot but has been on this program in the past. Stop and think of what message this sends to the Eggle Family. What message does it send to the law abiding Americans and legal residents those that played by the rules for their piece of the American Dream - and what message is it sending to the illegal aliens - the law breakers spitting on our rule of law that now have glorification for their actions - laughing daily at the American Citizenry screaming ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This cannot be tolerated - please contact
From their site…….
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Feds Uncover Black Market for Grenades in Texas near Border
ISIS Mag Details Plan To Transport Nuke Into U.S.
3,700 illegal immigrant ‘Threat Level 1’ criminals released into U.S. by DHS
Ingmar Guandique, man convicted of killing Chandra Levy, gets new trial
Chandra Levy memorial
By Julie Westfall and James Queally contact the reporters
The man who was convicted in the 2001 killing of Capitol Hill intern Chandra Levy will receive a new trial, a judge ruled on Thursday.
9 undocumented immigrants arrested in Edwards for identity theft
A REVOLTING UPDATE on the bicyclist murdered in Kentucky
Police testimony reveals new details about alleged drunken driver who hit Lexington bicyclist in Georgetown