Two More Preventable Illegal Alien Incidents

Two more preventable illegal alien incidents - At the hands of two illegals that should NOT have been here in the first place… Something we all know!
One resulting in motorcycle DEATH and another an house exploded resulting in BURN VICTIMS - an illegal ran into the house. - Links Below.
1. The other day , I shared an article about a motorcyclist that was lucky to be alive after an incident with an illegal alien behind the wheel….
TODAY I share another…. a motorcyclist hit by an illegal alien that was not as fortunate and DIED AT THE SCENE!!!
The Omaha PD, Metro Area Fugitive Task Force and DHS ICE Agents served a search warrant at one location that gave them information on another location close by, where the suspect was located and arrested.
2. Updated April 9th but few hear about this …. House explodes
The driver who crashed into a Hurst home Saturday and triggered an explosion that injured five has been arrested and turned over to U.S. ICE. Alejandro Enriquez-Castro, 35, was arrested at the scene of the explosion on a charge of not having a driver’s license. The car crashed severed the primary gas line allowing gas to build up inside before the explosion.
Police said the suspect used several alias names and was being held on an immigration detainer - ICE now as him.
A man and woman remain under hospital care for their burn injuries, and their son was released from the hospital after being treated for less serious injuries

Road Rage Incident Confirmed - Illegal Alien

This motorcycle rider is LUCKY to be alive…. Another accident and close call that could have been prevented ‘all together’ if only our immigration laws were enforced.
I saw this clip on FOX, yesterday or the day before and thought to myself - ‘Gee with the video so clear - they must be able to track the plates or something’.
Sure Enough - an illegal alien from El Salvador. ICE has placed a hold on him.
Magdiel Medrano-Bonilla, 30, has been charged with operating a motor vehicle without a valid license and aggravated battery. His bond has been set at $20,000.
WHY IS THIS NUT JOB ROAD RAGED illegal alien here in the first place? Throwing change out the window at a motorcyclist - WHAT!!!!!!
The video showed the motorcyclist changing lanes and driving alongside a Mazda when he motioned for the car to pull over, swinging his arms toward the vehicle. The motorcyclist said the driver of the Mazda was throwing change at him.
Darin Hendrickson was taken to the hospital for a hyper-extended knee, possible fractured ribs and severe road rash.

It’s a Set Up, Folks

Why in the hell are OUR Representatives working so hard for illegal alien Daca’s? It’s a set up Folks.
Just more rules, laws and regulations when the current rules, laws and regulations are SIMPLY IGNORED ANYWAYS.
It’s a set up!
ASK YOURSELF THIS … So just how are the illegal alien daca’s - given a lawless pass - going to be screened out from say other 25 to 30-year-old illegal alien that would NOT qualify for this ridiculous give-me give-me pass?
So, if daca’s get this pass…. are the remaining 10-11 million plus illegals - those not daca’s - going to be immediately removed?
It’s a set up.
The judicial bias system and those groups supporting this invasion would be screaming RACIAL PROFILING by the time the ink dried.
I am really tired - Damn Tired - of our representation working so hard for illegal aliens and IGNORING the laws already on the books…. then……
Turning around and making more laws that will be ignored - thinking you and I WILL SWALLOW IT and believe it will be enforced.
STOP INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Deport, Enforce our current laws and BUILD THE WALL

What To Hear Some Great News?

What some GREAT News!?!?!?!?
NO Arizona State Tuition for illegal alien Daca’s

Are You From New York - Rep. Velazquez Should Hear From You

Are you from New York, specifically Brooklyn? This illegal alien loving representative - and I use that term loosely, SHOULD HEAR FROM YOU!!!!!!!! Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-N.Y.) warns ICE that she is monitoring the situation…. Are you kidding?

THE ILLEGAL ALIEN WAS ARRESTED PREVIOUSLY 15 TIMES since 2005 !!! Why is he even still here?

He was in court YET AGAIN this time for domestic violence threats of robbing his girlfriend - What a nice illegal, huh?
But they march in the streets for this criminal DOMESTIC VIOLENCE illegal alien - unbelievable.

This NON representing, illegal alien panderer Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-N.Y.) should hear the wrath of law-abiding Americans who have HAD ENOUGH!!!

Lady you DO NOT deserve to represent Americans!!!

(from Independent Journal Review article)
Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-N.Y.) rebuked Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Saturday arrest of an undocumented immigrant leaving a Brooklyn court:
“Such actions by ICE have no place in our City & I will be monitoring the situation carefully,” Velazquez said.
ICE arrested 38-year-old Panamanian immigrant Diogenes Pinzon, who went to court after his girlfriend accused him of robbing her last year.
According to authorities, Pinzon had previously been arrested 15 times.


One of the Most Nauseating NPR articles I Have Ever Read

One of the MOST NAUSEATING Nat’l Public Radio (NPR) articles I have ever read.
(Woman in picture is NOT the same woman they write about)


Came here illegally fully knowing that she and her 17 YEAR OLD SON were spitting on our laws, but did not care - because she says, gangs wanted her son to join them - so they fled!

Why is this our problem?

Why does she not go to HER government and Demand THEY help her?

Is the El Salvadorian government unwilling to do anything for their citizens, instead just expecting the U.S. to deal with it?

Are they that inept and epic failures?

Or, are they, themselves - just an arm of MS-13?

Not our problem - if everyone that says (wink wink) they need asylum because of a gang - who in the world wouldn’t come to our borders and ports and play the same card?

P.S. NPR you really out-did yourselves this time….nauseating.


Do Not Tell Me…

Do NOT and I mean it….
Do NOT tell me that this is why we have to open our borders, to allow illegals to continue to spit on our laws, to pander to an INVASION… just to end incidents like this.
INSTEAD - tell the illegals aliens and the smugglers, the lawless….. to either get in the back of the line and come legally or do not come at all!!!! Illegal entry is…. ILLEGAL!
A witness told the CHP that about 20 people (ILLEGALS) ran into the brush after the… wait for it….. the HORSE TRAILER they were traveling in (smuggled) flipped. Six needed medical attention and 12 were arrested, at the scene.
So, who’s paying for that medical care? Who’s paying for the law enforcement and for Cal Fire declaration of a mass casualty scene, with triage etc.
What was the cost of this ILLEGAL ALIEN SMUGGLING escapade? And, what asinine special treatment will they now get?
If the illegal alien lovers, the open borders crowd and the PANDERING Politicians want to end the risks to those spitting on our laws then STOP THE LAWLESSNESS and

Zero Tolerance, End of Catch and Release and Guardsmen to the Border

ZERO Tolerance, End to ‘Catch and Release’ and Guardsmen are Heading to the Border. - all three links below.
Like one retired agent said “This is not that hard - all it takes is the political will for someone to enforce our laws”
Finally!!! - Thank You President Trump
Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Friday he’s implementing a zero tolerance policy for immigrants illegally crossing the Southwest border.
A memorandum signed by President Trump on Friday could be the beginning of the end for America’s longstanding “catch and release” policy at the border.
The memo gives the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies 45 days to detail “all measures that their respective departments have pursued or are pursuing to expeditiously end ‘catch and release’ practices,” according to The Hill. In addition to other measures, the departments are also supposed to provide “a detailed list of all existing facilities, including military facilities, that could be used, modified, or repurposed to detain aliens for violations of immigration law at or near the borders of the United States.”
Arizona and Texas announced Friday that they would send 400 National Guard members to the U.S.-Mexico border by next week in response to President Donald Trump’s call for troops to fight drug trafficking and illegal immigration.