Why So Much Effort for Illegals Instead of Americans

Why is there so much legislative effort to reward illegal aliens INSTEAD of addressing Americans security, safety, sovereignty and futures …. AMERICA FIRST!!!

WHY - Why are they working for illegal aliens first instead of Americans first?

This writer say that Conservatives in the Freedom Caucus wanted to slow the momentum of bipartisan immigration legislation to help young dreamers….(meaning an amnesty reward).
I say - I thought that The President has already said that a DACA deal was dead!

Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla. said it’s a “mistake” for conservatives to play the farm and immigration bills against each other. “You don’t hold one thing hostage for something that’s totally different,” -
I ask… isn’t that exactly what we have seen from the Democrat’s and illegal alien swamp dwelling OVER THE WALL?

This is just more political theater AT OUR EXPENSE all for individuals who should -BY LAW- be removed from this Country…

No Amnesty - No Daca amnesty reward - STOP the pandering, enforce our current laws and BUILD THE WALL while doing so.



They are ANIMALS

From www.NCFIRE.info
These are the ‘ANIMALS’ (one group of animals) the Open Borders Swamp Dwelling GOP and the Pandering Liberal Left are working so hard for and representing.
Wonder what the victims and their family think of the liberal left and their GOP friends pandering efforts.
28 Illegals with 89 separate charges of child rape… just in North Carolina, just for one month… the month of April 2018. Go to the link above to read report.
James Johnson shares…….
Well, here we go AGAIN!
Another month….another child rape report for NC.
Unfortunately April 2018, was a particularly bad month for NC’s children.
NCFIRE was able to document 28 illegal aliens who ran up 89 separate charges of child rape/child sexual assault.
Every month, there are many more “suspected” illegal alien child rapes that we can not get confirmation on so, the reported numbers are low.

Sessions says……………….

May 7th, 2018 …. Sessions vows to break up immigrant families crossing border illegally: “If you are smuggling a child, then we will prosecute you, and that child may be separated from you as required by law.” He continued… “If you cross the border unlawfully, then we will prosecute you. It’s that simple,”
Of course this refers to illegal entry - as for the asylum seeking game playing individuals who for the most part have all now gained entry Newsweek writes…..
Many of the Central American migrants who traveled together to the southern border via caravan over the last month expected to face a similar process. (Simply Release in our interior), But Sessions’s latest announcement—in addition to plans he announced on Wednesday to address the roughly 150 migrants seeking asylum at the border—has dramatically altered expectations.
Sessions added…..
“In this administration, we know whose side we are on,” Sessions said Monday. “We’re on the side of law and order. We understand the risks you take and the tools you need to be effective. “This is not business as usual,” he continued. “This is the Trump era.”
Still good news. If you read the comments at the Reuters video below - people are cheering this move on…. we shall see!

Sessions: Zero-tolerance policy will split families at border



Seattle The Sanctuary City And Its Current Move

Seattle has a homeless problem, it also has an illegal alien problem and is a SANCTUARY CITY.
Now, Seattle to address the homeless issue, plans to stifle job growth via a head tax for EVERY HOUR worked in the city. Companies are up in arms over the City Councils plan. Stat’s provided can be found in links below.
Does this really make any sense, attacking profitable businesses with an outrage tax while providing cover to an estimated 150,000 ILLEGAL ALIENS?
How many of the 2,942 homeless individuals are Americans? How many are illegal aliens?
What is the amount of money you spend continuing your sanctuary policies for illegal aliens?
How much are you spending to provide illegal aliens with food, shelter etc. already costing the AMERICAN SEATTLE RESIDENT?
Why are Americans homeless, while you continue to protect illegal aliens? Apparently at any cost.
Maybe if you abide by THE LAW and refused to aid and abet 150,000 law breaking illegal alien foreigners you would have the funds and the HOUSING to care for the American homeless. But, instead you TAX AMERICAN Growth - Companies will leave and your problems will continue to accelerate.
Seattle is poised to lower the boom on its largest and most successful job creators. The city council is widely expected to pass a head tax of 26 cents on every hour worked in the city.
Wikipedia says that here are at least 2,942 people in Seattle each night who are unsheltered. And to address the problem it plans to stifle job growth.
A new report from the Pew Research Center estimates there are about 150,000 immigrants in the Seattle area — equaling nearly 4 percent of the population — who do not have legal status.

Daca player and Texas Lawsuit to End It

DACA Player Daniel Ramirez Medina and the Texas/Six States Lawsuit to End Daca
Texas and 6 States - Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, South Carolina and West Virginia - have filed a lawsuit against the Trump Admin. to end Daca …..
MEANWHILE another federal judge is playing partisan pro illegal alien politics and ordering that a daca cannot have his enrollment evoked while he thinks about the case,….
truly unbelievable.
President Trump must find a way to end this NEVER-ENDING Judicial interference and just GET DOWN TO BUSINESS.
Texas Federal Lawsuit
Last September, Trump announced the end of the program, giving Congress until March 5 to figure out a solution. The deadline passed without any legislation from lawmakers, and last week, a federal judge ruled against the Trump administration’s decision, giving it 90 days to explain why DACA is unlawful. Folks - it was not lawful to begin with.
In Seattle a federal judge said Tuesday the government cannot immediately revoke a Mexican man’s enrollment in a program designed to protect those brought to the United States illegally as children, saying he wants more information from lawyers before he issues a preliminary ruling.
Immigration agents arrested Daniel Ramirez Medina saying he acknowledged affiliating with gangs. Officials then revoked his protected status. Ramirez adamantly denies any gang ties or making any such admission.
Of course in play in this is the fact that this ILLEGAL ALIEN has anchor children.

Guess The Joke Is On Us

Guess the JOKE is on us, Folks? Hate to be the one to break it to you.
CBP officials have begun processing asylum requests from “caravan migrants.” The officials have processed eight people seeking asylum and WORSE YET…. despite Trump’s threats, on Monday VP Pence admitted the caravan members would be processed in line with the law.
So much for ending the NATIONAL SECURITY threats and the INVASION from an open and unsecured border…now that these group is free to enter - millions will follow playing the same game.
These IMMIGRANT CRIMINALS (as Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd correctly refers to them as) could have found refuge in Mexico, but there is nothing in it for them to go to Mexico - just go to the border and spit out ‘credible fear’ the U.S. government will let you right in AND RAPE THE Law-Abiding American Taxpayers to pay for it, financially and with the crime it entails, etc.
Why even bother entering illegally unless you are a previous deported criminal or carrying contraband.
And the IMMIGRANT CRIMINALS advocates, well they keep screaming - ITS THE LAW……BUT BUT BUT - Hell’s Bell’s… 11 million plus illegal aliens in our interior BREAKING THE LAW - well, that means nothing, right?
Yeah - I Know…… Hiding under their desks, out for lunch with the Chamber of Commerce or working hard to figure out how to get these immigrant criminals to vote ‘D’.
Our Voices Have Gone Unheard!