Justin Lee - Where Is The Outrage?

So where is the outrage over this young man’s death? A 14 year old who will NEVER be reunited with his family - his life and future snuffed out by the hands of an illegal alien who should have NEVER been in the Country to begin with.

Heartbreaking to share Pattie Lee’s comments (Justin’s Mom)…….
“This is forever,” Pattie Lee said. “He’s never coming back. I’m never going to see my son again, and I don’t know how I’m going to live through that.

Three links below - Miguel A. Ibarra Cerda, an ILLEGAL ALIEN from Mexico, was arrested and charged by the Wixom Police Department with reckless driving that resulted in a death and leaving the scene of an accident after he allegedly hit 14-year-old Justin Lee.

With the help of a Spanish-speaking INTERPRETER, Cerda was charged with reckless driving causing death and leaving the scene of fatal accident in the death of Justin Lee.

He was driving on the wrong side of the road at the time and immediately drove off from the scene of the crash and was ATTEMPTING TO FLEE back to Mexico after being arrested, prompting District Judge Travis Reeds to set a bond of $350,000.





The Hysteria Over “The Children’ was STAGED!!!

The hysteria over “The Children” was STAGED! Staged - Yes! Staged to ensure The President Fails!!!! Here’s why and where is the OUTRAGE over… (see below).
With talks scheduled for today Tues. (8/19/18)on how this Administration will address illegal immigration instead of kicking the can down the road like past Administrations… the issue itself and the anger and animosity in play, needed to be stirred up. The Democrat’s needed an attention getter to aid them in their vote grabbing and open borders destruction of America and as we know - THE KIDS - is always a safe fall back.
Even the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board is warning Republicans they may loose midterm elections if they do not REVERSE themselves from the Trump Administrations policies - NEVER MIND… the fact that standing strong against illegal immigration played a HUGE ROLE in Trump’s win and that THE MAJORITY of AMERICANS support the President on his actions. It is all being…..STAGED STAGED STAGED.
No outrage for ‘The Children’ from the left as their promote abortion.
No outrage for ‘The Children - American Children’ - living in the streets or subsidized dangerous infested housing projects, filled with criminal illegal aliens.
No outrage for ‘The Children’ our BRAVE Men and Women of the Armed Forces - who are separated from their children for long periods of time - in DEFENSE of this GREAT NATION.
No outrage for ‘The Children’ permanently GONE and the Families left to deal with the pain due to the lawlessness of illegal immigration.
No outrage for “The Children” of Americans who committed crimes and are now incarcerated. DO THE CRIME - DO THE TIME!
No outrage for “The Children” when past Administrations created this law and enforced it.
Coincidence that all the First Ladies weighed in on something their spouses practiced - Oh Please!!!
We must not allow the Swamp Dwellers, the Democrat’s and Open Border/Illegal Alien lovers and the corrupt bias media to direct the narrative….
President Trump - Enforce our Immigration Laws, Close the Loopholes, Build the Wall and do it WITHOUT rewarding the Lawless.

Those Children - Good Grief Get a Grip!!!

GOOD GRIEF !!! Get a grip! ENOUGH!!! It is the law and the illegal alien CREATED this situation. HOLD THEM responsible. Do not want to be separated from your kids - do not enter illegally.

Salon says…… “Cut Trump supporters off: The horror of migrant kids taken from parents demands personal action.” “Do not give aid and comfort to the Trump supporters in your lives.”
REALLY REALLY??? - Do not aid your fellow American but by all means aid and a bet illegal aliens - REALLY?

Like many are stating… this “Child Tragedy” is nothing more than another excuse for the liberal left to pound away at the President and escalate the divide on illegal immigration.

Where is Salon on……………………..

Funny (not at all) - Salon and the illegal alien left had NOTHING TO SAY, about the millions of illegal alien parents that abandoned their children in their homeland to come here ILLEGALLY to work and live WITHOUT THEM.

WHERE IS Salon - on all the ANGEL Families/All Families who’s loved ones - CHILDREN - are PERMANENTLY GONE, thru no fault of their own because the left would rather pander to illegal aliens than enforce our laws?

Is Salon calling for all JAILED Americans LAW BREAKERS as well to be cut loose or reunitied with their children?
Oh, the HORROR !!!!!

AGAIN - I will say it AGAIN - Do not want to be separated from your kids - do not enter illegally.


Here Is Where This Lawless Amnesty Crap Talks Sits

Here is where this Amnesty Lawless Crap Talk sits… with three of many questions for You.
There is much confusion on this but, Paul Ryan and the Swamp Dwellers are pushing amnesties that some are saying would be the Amnesty of ALL Amnesties meanwhile the President - first quoted as saying he would not sign - now seems to be on board. BUT it seems - it depends on which media source one chooses to believe. Links Below.
1. So if ‘Please Leave Already’ Paul Ryan and his fellow EMPLOYEES of Big Business/Cheap Labor push this ANTI-LAW, Anti- American crap through against the will of We The People - will The President sign it or not?
2. Where are the “weigh in’s” from the Democrats on the proposed amnesties lurking around. I thought the Dem’s promised the illegal aliens - NO Wall funding, No restrictions on family based lawless restrictions and amnesty for? Can you say - Thrown Under The Bus?
3. AND, if this TREASONOUS Amnesty currently being discussed without our knowledge of what it entails for 1.8 million illegals were to pass, can we then be assured that the other 15 million plus illegal aliens will be immediately deported?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Wait a Minute What !?!?!

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! — Wait a minute — WHAT!?!?!?!

If the illegal alien daca’s were brought here by their lawless illegal alien parents - then why would there be a need to write in chain migration for the parents?

Apparently, it must be all the left behind illegal alien prospective parents that just sent their children with God knows who so they could get in on a future amnesty… huh?
NO NO NO!!! This is inserted and passes the Republican Party is done!

While You and I are demanding our laws be enforced and the deportation buses start warming up - Congress is creating legislation to reward the illegal aliens here AND AND AND writing in provisions to REWARD and BRING IN more.

Absolutely NOT!!!

According to insiders who spoke to Breitbart News, the plan by House Republicans, which House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) is attempting to fast track, would allow nearly 800,000 illegal aliens shielded from deportation by the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood (DACA) program to bring their foreign parents to the U.S.




A Campaign Should Ensue - Make Him An Example

A CAMPAIGN should ensue… a campaign to make this illegal alien a focal point, an example Nationwide. We should beat the drums (as they so commonly state) until he is put on a plane and deported. PERIOD!!!

QUESTION: Is there equal justice under the law or are those swamp dwelling and democratic loved illegal aliens, just above the law?

The fact that he is married with kids **HOLDS NO WEIGHT** - He knew he was ordered to leave eight years ago when he married and fathered the 2 and 3 year old daughters.

Another liberal pro illegal - ANTI LAW judge running to the aid of an illegal alien with orders to deport from 2010, temporarily staying his deportation until a hearing on July 20th. The ILLEGAL ALIEN will stay in ICE Custody until that time.

The Legal Aid Society who is providing him free legal counsel calls the stay a VICTORY against governmental hasty, cruel and reckless decisions.” WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! A group that works within the confines of the law - IGNORING the law.




One Rewards and One Taketh Away - Legislative Action

One rewards and one taketh away - Legislative Action.

Nice to see Sessions doing something but the game players will just find another loophole.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday that fear of domestic abuse alone is not enough to qualify for asylum, a ruling that could affect thousands of migrants from Central America who say they are fleeing violence in their home countries.

Republicans just cannot work hard enough to lose in the mid-terms. Rewarding daca and pushing through other lawless amnesty and pro illegal measures will do it.

NOTE: The President has stated he will veto it - Let’s hope so!

A rebellion by moderate House Republicans to force an immigration vote is widely expected to succeed this week.


Who’s Running The Show?

Who is running the show? Illegal aliens and their employers or THE LAW?

A manager says she is now afraid to send undocumented (ILLEGAL ALIENS) food couriers into the federal facility and others are now refusing to send their own workers into the Brooklyn Army Base.

Because they busted an illegal alien delivery man with an outstanding deportation order from 2010 - EIGHT YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!

A delivery man not only in the Country illegally, but working illegally as well as having an 8-YEAR-OLD deportation order.
AFRAID….YA THINK????? Couldn’t be because it is the law - could it?

I thank the Brooklyn Army Base for their actions, maybe now the base will do more business with eateries that HIRE AMERICANS.