Summary Of What Is Happening

Here is a SUMMARY of what is HAPPENING.
As you all know BUDGET FUNDING was kicked down the road for two weeks to Dec. 21st, with the excuse given of Bush Sr.’s death. Gee, Americans could choose to honor OR NOT… Bush Sr. and continue to do their jobs – but that’s a whole other discussion.
President Trump originally asked for $25 Billion for the wall. Now, the number of $5 billion for wall – per compromise on the President’s part - is ‘top dog’ with talk of $25 billion apparently = gone. Meanwhile, the Democrats and the Senate (R) Leadership tout a figure of $1.6 billion – maybe!!!
Of course, being hinted is a DACA Amnesty to entice votes. BUT BUT BUT… that ‘PROOF in the PUDDING SCENARIO’ of just what another lawless amnesty would entail IS NOT publicly discussed. Like what happens with the parents of these illegals… what about their anchor babies and married illegals? – You get the point.
Meanwhile – illegal entry continues with central Americans, criminals in addition to spitting on our laws and others from terrorists Countries continue to enter. Some being caught – many are not … so it continues pretty much unabated. Women are jumping the fence and creating their ticket to a pass with anchor baby status etc.
PRESIDENT TRUMP – Stand Strong!!! Personally, I would rather see all $25 Billion because the cost of the wall would be A LOT less than the cost of illegal immigration and once January hits – this Administration will get NOTHING!
If $1.6 is accepted rather than $5 to $25 Billion it will be a game changer for those who support the President on his stance and promise to end this insanity. IT’S CALLED NATIONAL SECURITY!!!!!!!!
Several links from both sides of this wall funding.

Baby Jesus In A Dog Cage To Pander

Putting Baby Jesus in what looks to be a dog cage to pander for the lawless and open borders – DISGUSTING … and this is supposed to be the leader of a parish?
Too bad …isn’t it… that this Parish leadership does not care about the effects of illegal immigration to Americans - you know their fellow citizens - not very God fearing/following to throw Americans under the bus - now is it?

Perfect Example Of Why Birthright Citizenship MUST Be Addressed

THE PERFECT and I MEAN PERFECT example of why we need to change Birthright Citizenship to that of the Mother. If the Mother is from Honduras…so is the baby.
A baby that the mother is hoping will provide a pass in the U.S.
And now not only will she USE this ILLEGAL ALIEN delivery to remain here, but so will Daddy and Baby Brother.
Three illegal aliens and an anchor baby - because Congress will not GET ON THE STICK.
A young woman who spent weeks traveling with a caravan of Central American migrants while pregnant gave birth in San Diego after crossing illegally into the U.S. to request asylum.

As It Sits…………

Those making they way to our southern border are finding out that we have a New President who is not backing down on their lawlessness and game playing.
AS IT SITS…………Budget delayed (again), Caravan organizers in hot water, Pending health concerns and More
– links at bottom.
HEALTH/ILLNESS: Those who are currently at our southern border -via a mass pack of lawlessness - now find themselves halted from entry. However, over a third are being treated for health-related issues like the three confirmed cases of tuberculosis, four cases of HIV/AIDS and four separate cases of chickenpox. Also, a threat of Hepatitis outbreak – over a third have an issue.
MAD AT ORGANIZERS: According to… Wendy Fry, a reporter in Tijuana, another planned run for the border was cancelled and ANGER is flourishing with these people who are blaming the organizers of this lawlessness for lying to them. Of course, they should include the bias MSM in the U.S. in their anger because they too knew that the President meant business.
ILLEGAL ENTRY CONTINUES: Some of these ‘Pack Individuals’ are returning to their home countries…but UNFORTUNATELY rumor has it that more in Honduras are gathering to make their trip to the southern border.
And the bigger picture is that illegal entry continues unabated elsewhere. Those illegally entering are using this caravan lawlessness due to the attention it receives - others just continue to enter illegally caravan or no caravan.
THE WALL FUNDING/SHUTDOWN – Those we elected to office to get business done have kicked the can down the road again – using Bush’s death as an excuse. RE: Congressional leaders and White House officials agreed Monday to extend a government funding deadline by two weeks, until Dec. 21, setting up the possibility of a shutdown showdown just ahead of Christmas.

Fund THE WALL Now!!!

As you know, and many commentators are sharing – WE WERE PROMISED border security and an end to illegal immigration (full efforts) in 1986. And what did we get from those promises then…. Answer – What you see today.
Fast Forward – We now have a President that campaigned on doing just that and is fighting to Build The Wall… only to be torpedoed by the opposing party and HIS OWN PARTY!
The President (keeping his promises to the American Citizenry) is contemplating shutting down the government if he does not get the funding – GO FOR IT!
I hope The President DOES NOT settle for $5 billion and instead demands the whole $25 billion or shuts down the government. The cost of building the wall is much less than the cost to you and I and our Country in illegal immigration, drugs, crime, human collateral, trafficking, healthcare etc.
NO COMPREHENSIVE MUMBO JUMBO – address wall funding and be done with it!!!!!
And as you see (below) by Rep. Katko’s comment – such a bill existed but Republicans themselves saw to its demise by the likes of individuals like Paul Ryan – see his financial portfolio here (cha ching cha ching) Net worth estimated at 7 Million.
Once Pelosi and Company regain control of the House in Jan. – it is a SAFE bet – the wall will receive no funding NOW IS THE TIME…. And you would think that Republicans would assist the President in doing so…. Those working for the USA and its citizens, anyways.
Go For It Mr. President – Get all $25 billion or Shut It Down…. We Stand With You.
Rep. John Katko, R-N.Y., said increased border security is also necessary to combat drug trafficking. Rather than tackling that issue in isolation, though, he pointed to proposed legislation that addressed border security and several other immigration issues that failed to pass in the House over the summer.
“The sad thing is, several months ago we had a very good immigration bill that was comprehensive in nature that included $25 billion for the wall over five years and would have solved the problem, and colleagues in my own party torpedoed that unnecessarily,” Katko said. “I think the best solution would be to resurrect that bill and bring it back up and get it done.”

Short Clip - Really Good Question

This Clip – SO TRUE – is about American homeless children. It does not address the American homeless veterans, adults, disabled etc.

I agree with the question put forth… as disturbing as it is.

QUESTION: Why are so many so worried about foreigners and America’s so to be illegal population instead of addressing our own first – you know ‘America First’.

All those pandering to the illegal alien foreigners should be asked and demanded to answer this question – so we can all understand just why it is that they work so hard for foreigners over their own fellow citizens.

Of course, we know the answer… they do so for power, greed, cheap labor, votes and a position that’s right out of a beauty pageant question segment – you know…. world peace.

Maybe it’s time Americans DEMAND that those we elected to office do like the old saying…

“Clean up your own house before you clean someone else’s”.



700,000 American Children Are Homeless…So Where Is The Media Coverage?

When will we put AMERICAN children first?

Posted by FreedomProject on Sunday, June 24, 2018


The ‘Talk Behind the Scenes’ of a possible ‘Run On The Border’ by those in Mexico has transpired.

On Sunday, at least a few of the hundreds (per reports) of migrants tried to jump over the fence separating the two countries. Carrying American and Honduran flags and chanted: “We are not criminals! We are international workers!” The group mostly consisted of men, although some women pushed small children ahead in strollers. – (Of course, need those women and children in front to push the narrative).

MANY OF US HOPED that President Trump would stand by his words of NO ENTRY and apparently, the President has – TEAR GAS fired – Repelled!!!

In San Diego, pedestrian crossings have been suspended at the San Ysidro port of entry at both the East and West facilities. All northbound and southbound traffic was halted, meaning SHUTDOWN.

As I and others have said recently – shutdown that border – I mean SHUT IT DOWN - and things will change – watch big business and commerce respond when it hits their bottom line.

Stay Tuned…..


JUDICIAL BIAS and Un-American Ruling

I did not vote for this lawless pandering Judge, did you? I had hoped to be sending out Thanksgiving wishes - instead, I am sending this - Maddening! You and I are just Human Collateral!!!

Bias judges and the open/border panderers are more worried about foreigners than you and I. First new murder, first new rape, first newly created American victim - at the hands of those entering illegally or playing the asylum games - Credit JUDGE JON S. TIGAR for it!!! - Remember his name.

Judge Jon S. Tigar – of San Francisco and an Obama appointee - issued a temporary nationwide restraining order barring and temporarily blocking the Trump administration from denying asylum to migrants who illegally cross the southern border into the United States, saying the policy likely violated federal law on asylum eligibility, the order remains in effect until Dec. 19. – There is a SOLUTION however, see below.

MEANING, that President Trump, who simply demanded that these future illegals apply for asylum at a port of entry can enter at will - WHEREVER!!! The USA will have to accept this asylum GAME PLAYING nonsense - wherever thousands of people try to enter. And this Judge even broadcasted a deadline of Dec 19th - so they can all hurry up - and play their games just in time.

This Judge stated:  “Whatever the scope of the President’s authority, he may not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition that Congress has expressly forbidden and that the president could not shift asylum policy on his own.


SOLUTION: President Trump should stop all this nonsense and under NATIONAL SECURITY shut the entire border down and I mean SHUT IT DOWN.  I bet commerce and those legally motivating that southern border would then play attention and the ILLEGAL ALIEN games would stop! Sure would be nice, if anyone from the Republican Party was aggressively speaking up and aiding the President - too much to wish for I guess.

NA 212(f) allows the president, whenever he finds that “the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States,” to “suspend” all forms of immigration “for such period as he shall deem necessary.” INA 215(a)(1) grants the president an almost equal level of authority to subject entry of all aliens entering or departing to “such reasonable rules, regulations, and orders, and subject to such limitations and exceptions as the President may prescribe.


Federal judge blocks Trump’s asylum ban for migrants who enter illegally from Mexico